Concept 2 Model D

There are lots of rowers out there on the Web, but Concept2 Model D for sale seems to outperform all of them! Although it belongs to a high-priced category, it is quite true that you will get exactly what you pay for.

Concept2 Model D is oriented on commercial use and is extremely durable to be utilized in health centers, boathouses and different facilities for sports training all over the world.

It is also a perfect machine for full-body training to be placed inside your home. Elementary users and professionals alike enjoy using this rower and have long become part of its fan base.

Concept 2 Resistance Category

Concept2 Model D is a wind-resistance rowing machine.

Wind resistance can be activated by shifting the grip and letting the flywheel spin. In this way, the flywheel will move the air ahead of it, which will provoke resistance.

The quicker you spin, the more wind will be shifted by the fan, and the greater resistance you will experience.

Your rate of resistance will depend on the strength with which you are rowing. The quicker/stronger you row, the greater resistance you’ll get.

This is similar to the way water resistance works but is slightly different from magnetic-based and hydraulic rowers. Wind resistance machines allow for smoother operation and are often preferred by sportsmen.

Olympic athletes utilize Concept2 Model D and E for regular home training due to the precise data storage as well as capacity to copy the resistance experienced when rowing on the water surface.

Resistance Advantages

Model D wind resistance allows getting a similar rowing activity as if you were rowing on a water surface, and it does not have any lagging when stroking. From the very start and up until the end of your experience, you’ll get steady wind resistance.

Resistance rate is often determined by one’s rowing strength. The quicker you are rowing, the more intense your experience will be.

This is known as changeable resistance because it adjusts to your movements on its own accord.

It is not similar to a treadmill where you’ll set level 5 and will have to keep going at the given speed up until the setting is changed. It is also not quite similar to magnetic rowers where you’ll have to set the machine to level 5 and experience the same level of resistance no matter how quickly you are going.

Concept 2 allows moving at your own speed, and the resistance easily adjusts on its own.

Changeable resistance is ideal for intensive training because you’ll be able to move faster or slower, while resistance will change according to your speed without setting any other parameters. That is why Concept2 rowers are often part of the Crossfit-styled gyms.

One more great advantage of this model is its ease of maintenance and simplicity of problem fixing.

Damper Parameters

Even though the Concept2 Model D rower is categorized as having changeable resistance, users can nevertheless change the “feel” of strokes using the damper parameters.

Although many users consider it to be quite the same as changing the resistance levels, it is a bit different.

Rowers can modify damper parameters using levels 1-10. The numbers do not stand for different levels of resistance, but rather represent the volume of air flowing into the flywheel, which influences the “feel” of the stroke.

Resistance Drawbacks

Similar to other wind rowers, Concept2 Model D is pretty noisy for some rowing experts.

Be ready to hear the noise each time you make a stroke, but this is just the air flowing through the flywheel. You can hear me rowing on my Concept2 machine even with a TV switched on.

Most users just listen to music or make the TV volume a bit louder to cover up the noise. Concept2 loudness is not disturbing enough to cause inconvenience to anyone in the house, but only if you are not rowing at nighttime.

One more drawback of wind rowers, especially this one, is its general size. Wind rowers are long, which is convenient for tall users, but they require much space.

Concept2 suggests there should be space of around 9’ x 4’.

General Resistance

The wind resistance on this model is one of the best inside this segment. It allows for powerful and steady wind resistance and is capable of adjusting to damper parameters.

Provided that it is often selected by Olympic sportsmen, who would say anything against it?

As long as you meet the space demands and put up with the noise, you’ll absolutely love using this model.

Display/Control Panel

Concept2 Model D has a regular PM5 display, which is a role model for other rowers.

It is quite difficult to believe that a sports company has managed to make such a superb mini-computer, which is easy to operate and packed with various features.

Fitness Info Tracking

Concept2 Model D PM5 display is widely known as a “workout companion”, and it is quite true.

It allows keeping track of the distance passed, speed rate, time, calories, strokes per one minute as well as watts and other aspects. It is also possible to identify the average parameters.

Heartbeat Tracking

PM5 display supports various additional technologies such as ANT Plus and Bluetooth to ensure wireless heartbeat tracking. This model, however, is packed not with regular Bluetooth technology, but with a bit different one known as “Bluetooth Smart”.

Nonetheless, these are quite the same. Regular Bluetooth is commonly used for more high-end technologies and has improved data rating. Bluetooth Smart is generally used for machines that require tracking more specific and much smaller data such as heartbeat among others.

Just try to ensure that your heartbeat display is compatible with this new technology!

USB Drive and Connection to PC

One more splendid feature of this model is the presence of USB Drive, which allows downloading and saving data about your training session.

This is especially useful if you are using more than one rower simply because it will allow keeping track of your training details from different devices.

Extra Properties

The PM5 display looks quite sturdy and powerful. The buttons seem to be really strong and are capable of sustaining long-term and regular use. Even letters on the buttons seem to never fade out.

It is attached to a display handle so it is easily movable in different directions. It switches on automatically as soon as you start rowing and is powered by two D accumulators.

Concept 2 Web-based Community

Even though it is not part of the display section as it has been mentioned previously, it is better to clarify this aspect here. A great range of users enjoys Concept2 community (web-based forum) simply because it is a good place to meet with other rowing experts and get some ideas on how to use your rower to the fullest capacity.

The producers also support their online community and encourage owners of the machines to share details. They even give out prizes for providing the best tips on their rowers.

Quality of Construction

Provided that the price of Concept2 Model D rower and the producer’s reputation are positive, it is expected that this machine has a durable construction.

The good news is that your anticipations are correct!

This model is available in matte or black color and oriented on commercial use. This means that it is capable of withstanding the continuous use in health centers and other facilities.

As such, you will not have to worry about breaking something, no matter how long you are using it. Nothing here seems to be cheap (there are no plastic elements). The base has steel-made backside legs, an aluminum front part and I-beam monorail with a steel-made seat track.

Many users of different power capacity have been using this rower on a regular basis for more than ten years, and it is still in excellent shape as if they have just purchased it.


Any machine should be powerful enough to sustain continuous abuse and still remain comfortable and convenient to use.

Fortunately, it is not an issue with this model of a rower.


The seating in this model is fully padded and made as comfortable as possible.

Nonetheless, you might need some minor modifications depending on your body weight and duration of the training session.

Some users who have been using this rower for a long time claim that its seating gets harder after a while. As such, it can be expected that the seating will tweak a bit after a few years of use.

Some other users tend to fold a towel and position it over the seat to ensure greater comfort, while others consider that the best solution would be a removable extra pad, which works well either.

Grip Handle

The grip handle is well-designed being covered with rubber-made grips. No users have ever mentioned any injuries caused by the design of the grip handle such as hurting the wrist among others.

Some users said that new rowers are expected to produce a few blisters over one’s hands during the first weeks of training.

Foot Pads

The foot pads are adjustable and have an exclusive styling, which allows getting the “shins in a vertical position” even if you are not well-trained.

You will not face any inconveniences like slipping your feet when rowing.


The rowing movement is quite smooth and steady providing a similar experience to rowing on the water surface. This is one of the major reasons why professional-level rowers are using it.

The seat moves without extra effort, and the chain that shifts the flywheel does not lag either. This allows making smooth motions all along.


This rower has a big-sized footprint when in full operation, although the size is generally cut by half when it is taken from storage.

To save the area on the floor, you’ll have to divide the monorail and flywheel of the device. After that, you’ll need to place the flywheel on its “front side” and make the monorail part “vertical”.

Power Capacity

According to the user manual, the weight capacity of this rower amounts to 500 pounds.

Many users who weigh over 300 pounds have been using this machine with no extra trouble feeling that it is still very powerful and durable.


This rower is easily assembled and requires only several components to get the job done.

Everything you’ll need is added to the package.

Not even one user said that it was difficult to assemble Concept2 Model D. Even those who have no experience can easily put it together.

The directions are easy to understand, and most users are able to assemble the machine within just 10-25 minutes.

Customer Feedback

Most customers claim that this device is excellent for several reasons. The reasons include durable construction, excellent quality, good resistance, steady movements and top-rated performance of the display.

Users leave comments about superb customer service as well, claiming they are happy to be part of the Concept2 web-based community.

Warranty Term

  • Framing: 5 years of warranty;
  • All elements: 2 years of warranty;
  • The warranty can be transferred to the next owner if you wish to sell or give your rower to someone else;
  • The date of the warranty starts from the date of purchase;
  • 30-day refund guarantee – unsatisfied clients can simply deliver the rower back and the expenses will be fully covered.

Concept2 Model D Sale Price

The value of this model is quite affordable, and even as a number-one rower, it is priced quite reasonably.

Previously, we were talking about how durable this machine is as well as how long it will last in full use. In addition to the above-mentioned details, this rower has a great resale value, so if you intend to sell it after a while, you’ll have no trouble getting a great portion of cash from the initial investment.

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