Rowing Training Program for Beginners

Fundamentals about Individual Rowing Sessions

Create a Plan and Follow It

One of the most effective ways to achieve the set goals, be it physical exercising or other activities, is to create a plan. Judging from my own experience, having a well-organized plan keeps me more motivated. This is especially vital for elementary-level users, but I personally think that everyone who enjoys rowing would rather have a plan. If you do not know where you are heading, you will not know how you can get there. I have composed this guide on how to create an individual rowing session plan in order to reach the best results in this activity.

Every Person Is Different

No personal plan works well for all people without exceptions. When composing a plan, you need to consider your personal demands. I will recommend you not to copy the plan you have found on the web simply because you consider it to be a good one. What works for one person might not be suitable for you, so it would be better to create your personal plan. Your age, sports level, and personal goals are the things you need to consider first of all. The recommendations I wish to share in this review need to be used as a primary layer of your future plan. Feel free to change it as much as you consider appropriate. Before setting up your own training regimen, consult your healthcare provider in order to ensure that training will bring only positive results.

Start Your Plan Setting a Goal

You need to start planning your training session from setting a well-defined goal. Do you wish to get rid of extra weight or gain more muscle? Or, maybe, you are more interested in improving your health. For example, if you wish to lose weight, it is better to concentrate on the need to burn calories, while if you wish to build muscle, you need to be more interested in enhancing the level of resistance during a training session. As such, you need to set a well-defined goal, so that you know perfectly well what you wish to achieve during your workout.

Warming Up and the Right Uniform

As with any type of physical activity, it is very important to warm up for five minutes at a minimum before you start training. Besides, you will need to cool down a bit during the last 5 minutes of training. Your regimen should always begin with a warm-up in order to get ready for a workout while cooling down is also necessary to let your body fully recover. Wearing a proper uniform is also important in order not to provoke an accidental injury. If you are not sure about what uniform to choose, you may look through another article here.

Establish the Right Time for Training

How much time do you wish to dedicate to your rowing session? You should row for at least 30-60 minutes 3-5 times a week. In order to simplify the matter, I would advise you to make a decision as for which days will be the best for exercising. As soon as you choose the days of the week and the best time for rowing sessions, write them down in a calendar and make a mental note that you are going to train during these periods regardless of circumstances. It is easy to get distracted, and there might always be some other things you’ll need to do, but if you are purposeful about achieving your sports-oriented goals, you’ll need to be fully dedicated to your workout sessions. It is better if you choose a separate training space as well.