The rowing machine the Sole SR500 is an exclusive rower produced by the SOLE Fitness. The company is appreciated for manufacturing top quality ellipticals and treadmills, but has been actively trying to break into the market of rowing machines.

To tell the truth, they have succeeded in the production of the SR500 Rower. The item features a unique dual resistance technology that features build comfort and quality. SR500 is the rower, which guarantees 100% body workout. Additionally, Sole Fitness guarantees world class customer support service that is frequently hard to find.

The Sole SR500 Rower is a dual magnetic and air resistance machine. The powerful eddy system allows “the best of both worlds” resistance. Air resistance functions by pulling the handle, followed by spinning the flywheel. Consequently, the faster you row, the better resistance you create. High-end rowing resistance can be triggered this way.

Magnetic resistance, in its turn, operates by moving the magnet farther or closer to the metal flywheel. When you pull the handle slower or faster, you can feel the same tension, which is based on the level of resistance. What you receive is a result of a low-end rowing resistance. The Sole SR500 is characterized by perfect resistance, so many beginner users and real athletes could mention only good things about the machine. The item has 16 levels of resistance, which can be easily adjusted to accommodate athletes of all fitness levels and ages.

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Build Quality

The company is known for manufacturing top quality treadmills, and the rowing machine does not differ at all. The SR500 is made from the materials of the leading quality and features a sturdy and strong rowing stroke. The aluminium seat rail and the steel frame support the majority of users. Additionally, there are supports, which are located at the focal point and guarantee additional strength.

The footrests, rowing strap and the handle are made from top quality materials and are built so that the rower could be used for many years. Another great advantage of the option is no need of maintenance except for the wiping dust off. Generally, the Sole SR500 is approved to have a build quality and no major disadvantages.


The build quality of the SR500 is complemented by the unique comfort. The item is built with the taller seat height that average, so that users can get on and off without problems. That’s an exceptional benefit for those, who have arthritis or other knee problems. The seat height ranges from 19.0” up to 21.0”, depending on its position considering the rail.

An ergonomic design of the seat and the texture of the grip handle provide extra convenience using the item.

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