Velocity Magnetic Rower

A rowing machine is a great option for a training session, as it allows working on all muscles and gives you a chance to train your entire body. There are lots of models existing in this segment, so I consider it important to investigate the best versions in order to find out what’s right for you. I have read a lot about various models so that sometimes I feel as if I’m about to adopt one because I prepare myself for the future purchase with intense caution. You may laugh but due to my thorough research, I can now share my ideas with you so that you can also find the right rower that you have always wanted to get.

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rowing Machine has a pretty contemporary look that everyone will find appealing. It is foldable and ensures easy storage apart from performing really well so that the majority of users would be glad to purchase such a machine. Do you wish to learn more? Read further to discover what else is offered by Velocity rower.

Selecting the Preferable Training Session

Having a rowing machine with an electronic monitor that demonstrates lots of statistical details such as the number of strokes or distance is highly useful because this will allow you to enjoy the benefits of available software such as the one that you will find in Velocity. There are a total of six preset software tools on this rower coupled with a heartbeat calculating program. Apart from that, you will have a chance to create a bunch of customizable software tools according to your needs. This means that the training sessions can be made a lot more exciting to ensure that you achieve your sports-oriented goals. I can virtually see myself utilizing these customizable programs helping me to calculate the calories and feel that I will definitely achieve the set goals. The software tools on this rower are simply excellent.

The LCD monitor is big enough to read, even in case there is not enough lighting. This is because it is added with blue backlight. The monitor demonstrates the entire scope of training information on the screen all at once so that there is no need to turn to other screens in order to acquire the necessary details that you wish to see. The display is positioned not far from the base of the rowing machine, almost in between the footpads. This means that it will be possible for you to see all the statistics while you are seated on a rower enjoying your workout.

I personally think it is convenient that this rower comes with a heartbeat tracking chest strap. This is usually common only for advanced-level rowers, so it was pleasant for me to find out that such an extra feature was included into the Velocity package especially because this rower belongs to the category of affordably priced machines. When you are using the strap during your training session, the display is going to keep track of your heartbeat and demonstrate the results on the screen.

Not Too Noisy

If you have ever read my other reviews, you might already know that I prefer noiseless rowers to be able to watch TV while training. It turns out that the Velocity rower is extremely quiet so you can enjoy its steady and noise-free running. The Drum Magnetic Regulation system is in many ways accountable for its quiet running. Many users are fond of its noiseless operation, and I can admit it is one of its most attractive features. Magnetic resistance allows adjusting the level of resistance you wish to have by choosing one of the eight levels.


This rower is packed with one-year warranty on labor and parts, so the producers seem not to be very confident that this is altogether a good product. Rowers that are used regularly often need some parts to be repaired after some time, and this is the major reason I consider one-year warranty is not quite enough. Apart from that, in most cases, rowers have much longer warranties that reach two years at a minimum.