Best NordicTrack Rowing Machines

by Gary Patterson | Last Updated: May 21, 2021

About NordicTrack Rowers

NordicTrack is an at-home fitness equipment brand. It’s the creation of a husband and wife team’s desire to train for skiing. Their very first creation in the 70s was an indoor ski-training machine that gained notoriety from members of the Harvard ski team. 

From there, the business took off, and the brand expanded to manufacturing all kinds of workout equipment for the professional athlete to the first time runner. NordicTrack is now a global household name. 

Best NordicTrack Rowing Machines

Best NordicTrack Rowing Machines

This NordicTrack Rowing Machines review will do an in-depth comparison of some of the brand’s best-selling rowers. We’ve included a range of machines to help you see the variation that the brand offers in terms of build, features, comfort, and price. After we fill you in on each one, we’ll come to a decision on which one is the best NordicTrack rowing machine out there. 

Up first is the RW900. The most expensive and impressive rowing machine this review will look at, combining cushioned accessories with high-tech features. This machine features a 22 inch Smart HD Touchscreen that makes it easy to access NordicTrack’s iFit app. If you don’t have app access, you can choose from one of thirty auto-adjust programs that sync your rowing machine to a pre-set program. 

Next, is the RW700, a middle-high range model that includes all of the important details—like an ergonomic seat, and a SoftTouch handle— with a 14 inch Smart HD Screen to increase your options and maximize your workout potential. Boasting 26 levels of magnetic resistance, the RW700 is virtually silent. 

On to the RW600, a NordicTrack Rower that is much like its successor, the RW700 with the fat trimmed. With the same silent magnetic resistance, cushy accessories, and 26 levels of magnetic resistance, this rowing machine has the same great features, just in budget model form. 

Last, but certainly not least, the RW200. Virtually silent, this rower is lighter in weight than its competitors and has the same ergonomic seat and SoftTouch handle. Despite its lack of a high-tech monitor, the RW200 has all you need to get a great workout. Listen to music and enjoy 24 magnetic resistance levels with this wallet-friendly rowing machine. 

Before we dive right into specs on NordicTrack Rowers, we’ll first give you a brief overview of the brand’s pros and cons.



#1: NordicTrack RW900 Rowing Machine

Elevate your workout with the smart features and simple design of the RW900, one of NordicTrack’s mid-high range rowers. The machine itself is straightforward and sturdy, but the HD touchscreen is where it really shines. 

The NordicTrack rw900 rower is a steel Rower with a capacity of 250lbs. With 26 levels of air resistance, Bluetooth headphone connectivity, two digitally amplified speakers, and a 22 inch smart HD touchscreen, this Rowing Machine will take your workout to new heights. 

Make sure you’re in the right zone with the pre-set programs that auto-adjust to different intensities. Stay on pace as you follow along to NordicTrack’s included 1-Year iFit Membership of on-demand classes, or take control of your own workout as you pull the SoftTouch ergonomic handle and push like you mean it on the pivoting pedals. Go longer and harder with the ergonomic seat that molds to your body and supports your lower back. 

When you’ve crossed that finish line, easily pack away your RW900 by folding the machine in half and wheeling it to a safe spot. As you move it, you’ll notice the rower is quite heavy, weighing around 130 lbs. If moving it is troublesome, perhaps consider leaving its 86.5″ L x 22.0″ W x 50.4″ H frame in a designated workout spot. Merge comfort and function with the NordicTrack RW900 for $1,600. 

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#2: NordicTrack RW700 Rowing Machine

The RW700 lets you enjoy advanced features but doesn’t go overboard with them. With a more modest touchscreen, this well-built model gets the job done and then some. Edging the middle-to-lower priced rowers that NordicTrack offers, this rowing machine has all you need to get a sweaty, satisfying solo or led workout. 

With a 14” Smart HD Touchscreen, the NordicTrack RW700 rower helps you stay motivated thanks to the many world-class instruction-led rowing classes available on the app. Plug in your favorite tunes and listen to them out of the two 2 inch digitally amplified speakers as you crush your goals. 

It’s the tiny victories that matter, like one uptick in resistance. Feel secure in knowing you can push it—even if it’s just one level—with the 26 levels of digital resistance. Speaking of resistance, the RW700 uses silent magnetic resistance to give you a dependable and quiet workout. 

Made from solid steel, this NordicTrack Rower can hold up to 250 lbs of weight—an average amount that suits more active people, as well as some that are new to the fitness game. When pushing your limits, you want to be sure you’re comfortable, which is why you’ll enjoy the oversized pivoting pedals and adjustable foot straps that allow your feet to be happy during the row. 

The right seat is essential to a lasting workout, and the NordicTrack Rower RW700’s is molded with an ergonomic design to support your body when it really needs it. Pull the SoftTouch handle to your heart’s content without suffering burning or slippage. 

Measuring 87″ L x 22″ W x 47″ H, this long rowing machine can be folded in half and wheeled away for easy storage. It weighs about 115 lbs, so on wheels, this shouldn’t prove too much of a challenge to move. A great value, the NordicTrack RW700 is $1,300.

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#3: NordicTrack RW600 Rowing Machine

The RW600 dials back on the details, but doesn’t skimp on experience. Users are able to get the same perks with a more affordable model. This rower is one of the lower-priced options that NordicTrack makes. It’s an incredible value considering you get similar features for quite a bit less money. 

The NordicTrack rw600 rower is about the same size as the others, measuring 87.02″ L x 22.0″ W x 47.24″ H and weighing about 115 lbs. It holds users up to 250 lbs and features the same comfortable details as the other expensive models, like a SoftTouch handle, an ergonomic seat, and oversized, pivoting pedals. 

Turn on the 10 inch Smart HD Touchscreen and enjoy one of the many on-demand rowing or fitness classes included with your 1-Year iFit Membership. Push past your limits with a playlist of your own design by plugging your iPod or phone into the machine cranking up the volume on its two digitally amplified speakers. 

You won’t need to crank it too loud though, because the NordicTrack Rower RW600 uses silent magnetic resistance to give you a quiet but impactful workout. Work your way through the 26 resistance levels, then when it’s time to stop, fold this rowing machine in half and wheel it into a closet or behind a door. 

Get the most out of your workout with the NordicTrack RW600 for $1,000. 

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#4: NordicTrack RW200 Rowing Machine

The RW200 is the perfect machine for someone who likes to plan out their own workouts. They’re motivated and don’t need a touchscreen device to distract them from their goals. This rower is one of the brand’s lower-end (but not lower in quality) models, featuring an LED screen with user-friendly features. 

With a mix of air and magnetic resistance, the NordicTrack RW200 lets users set their preferred level and keep it steady. Ramp up or cool down while cycling through the 24 resistance levels that provide a varied workout of your own creation. 

Keep track of your stats on the adjustable screen in front of you. You’ll be able to view your watts, strokes per minute, distance, time, and calories burned— everything you need to stay on top of your workout. If you’re sick of your headphones, plug in your iPod and enjoy listening to your favorite music out loud through the machine’s two speakers. Or, use your 30-day iFit Membership by signing in on your iPad. 

As for how the RW200 feels, well it’s just like top-of-the-line NordicTrack machines. The brand knows how important comfort is to a workout, which is why they made this machine with a SoftTouch handle, adjustable, pivoting foot pedals, and a molded seat. They also know how precious space is in a home, so the RW200 can be folded, tipped on its wheels, and moved to another, more ideal spot than the middle of your bedroom/kitchen/living room. 

This machine weighs 98 lbs, so it will be super easy to move around. Despite its light weight, the RW200 can still hold up to 250 lbs. Get it done and dusted with the NordicTrack rw200 rower for $800. 

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Which NordicTrack Rowing Machine Is the Best?

Most Affordable: NordicTrack RW200

Without an HD screen, this model helps users get a great self-led workout through audio hookup and visible stats. It’s lightweight and easily stored with cushy accessories to keep you comfortable while you crush your goals.

Check out the full NordicTrack RW200 Review to learn more.

Most Affordable: NordicTrack RW900

The HD Smart Touchscreen makes this model quite expensive. The rowing machine itself is very similar to the two next less expensive models which makes us think we’d be paying for a nice TV screen— not exactly a necessity when working out, but definitely a fun frill to have if you can afford it.

Check out the full NordicTrack RW900 Review to see if it’s a good fit for your needs.

Best Value: NordicTrack RW600

Our favorite model, the RW600 combines comfort with advanced features without going overboard. For $300 —and 15 lbs— less, this rower is more easily moved, looks great, and feels great. 

Read our full NordicTrack RW600 Review to find out more about this product.

Are NordicTrack Rowing Machines Worth it?

NordicTrack is a trusted name in the at-home fitness world. Their machines—even their most expensive ones— are priced fairly for the features they come with.

The RW600 has all that users need (and more) to get a great workout, and the pricing for the brand’s other models are reflected fairly in their pricing. With all things considered, we do believe that NordicTrack rowing machines are worth the buy. 

What is a Rowing machine?

A rowing machine is an exercise machine designed to mimic the workout one gets from rowing in a boat. Rowing is praised for the full-body workout it gives, activating up to 84% of the muscles on our bodies. 

People use rowing machines as a form of low-impact cardio, to gain muscle, or to train for actual real-life rowing events. The first rowing machine was invented to help professional rowers train for big events. 

As science has progressed over the years, the types of resistance rowing machines use has expanded. Water rowers imitate the feel of rowing on water, and those that use air as resistance experience a similar sensation. There is also hydraulic resistance, using the pressure of squeezing air or liquid through a chamber, alongside magnetic resistance that’s known for its range of levels and silent tension. 

Rowing is primarily a form of cardio, but it is a brilliant strength-training workout as well. Pulling a heavy load of resistance strengthens shoulders and biceps, while pushing back on your feet imitates a squat-like motion that targets your calves and hamstrings. Rowing also provides a wonderful ab workout as you crunch, pull, and push. 

How to use a rowing machine

First things first, be sure to never sit on a rowing machine in which you exceed its capacity. This can be dangerous and can lead to serious injury. 

Read your NordicTrack Rower manual on how to correctly place your feet and adjust the straps. It’s important that you have the right position on the machine to avoid stress injuries and those resulting from incorrect positioning. 

Once you are comfortable, properly seated, and your feet (in shoes) are strapped in, bend your knees and grip the handle bar and follow these steps:

  1. Push back with your legs and you pull on the rowing machine handle
  2. Draw your legs back in, so that you return to your original, knees bent, position. 
  3. Repeat

Can you lose belly fat by using a rowing machine? 

Many trainers say that spot-training is a myth. You can’t simply use a rowing machine to lose belly fat, if you lose weight, you will most likely lose it all over your body—and your belly will probably be one of those places. 

Losing fat in general, happens from being in a calorie deficit (from diet, exercise, or both) or on a keto diet when your body switches from burning carbs to burning fat instead. Using a rowing machine will strengthen your ab muscles so that when you do lose belly fat you will have a great set of stomach muscles to show off. 

Is rowing better for you than running?

Rowing definitely has a ton of benefits that beat out the ones that running gives. It combines cardio and strength, whereas running is mostly cardio. Rowing is low-impact, where running is very high-impact on your joints, especially your knees and ankles. 

Rowing also provides a more full-body workout than running does as it activates more muscles. Some would argue that running is better for your mind, and it certainly has its benefits, but if you could match the same heart rate and calories burned with rowing as you did from running, with all things considered, wouldn’t you make the switch and save your knees while toning your arms as well?

Our Conclusion

Customers should keep in mind that the brand’s rowing machines have quite a low capacity range. The ones featured in this Best NordicTrack Rower review can only hold up to 250 lbs. With that said, the machines are long and can accommodate tall users —but, the only issue with that arises from the fact that as height increases, weight does as well, so these machines do rule out a lot of people. 

It’s important for us to note that NordicTrack rowers have a Proposition 65 warning, something that lets customers know they are made with certain compounds that can cause cancer and birth defects. 

We appreciate that the brand carries rowing machines of all types. Not everyone needs a fancy HD touchscreen, but some do, and we like the fact that NordicTrack takes this into consideration. In terms of performance, customers love the workout they get from all of the NordicTrack rowers. 

Unlike treadmills, air and magnetic rowing machines do not require electricity to run. Even if your screen broke, you could still get a good workout in, which is why we love rowing machines—among the many other benefits they provide! 

Is there a NordicTrack Rowing Machine discount?

Currently, NordicTrack does not have a discount available on its website. 

Where can I purchase NordicTrack Rowers?

NordicTrack is a household name across the globe. In the USA, you can buy your NordicTrack Rower directly from the or from the brand’s many retail partners including:

How to contact NordicTrack?

We hope you enjoyed reading about some of the best NordicTrack rowers on the market, and that you found all of the information you came looking for. If you need to contact the brand for any reason—question, order, etc.— you can use any of the following methods: