Best WaterRower Rowing Machine

by Gary Patterson | Last Updated: June 5, 2021

About WaterRower

Founded in 1988, WaterRower is an American fitness brand that sells rowing machines. For the last 30 years, WaterRower has been providing fitness lovers with a way to simulate  rowing via machines designed in the coastal town Warren, Rhode Island.

Best WaterRower Machine Review

Active people looking to add a new exercise to their usual regimen of your standard treadmill or bicycle machine can find WaterRowers in hotels, gyms, and fitness studios across six continents. This article aims to help you find the best WaterRower rowing machine to fit your needs.

The Best WaterRower Rowing Machines

Best WaterRower Machine Review

This review will discuss six of the most popular WaterRower models. The first model reviewed here is the WaterRower Natural. The base-line Natural boasts a simple, wooden style, but still features the WaterFlywheel resistance technology and S4 Performance Monitor. It is handcrafted, stained Honey Oak, finished with Danish oil for protection.

The WaterRower Club model is another base-line model, featuring the same technology and solid ash wood. It is unique in its resistant rosewood style of two-tone black and rose. The Club is a commercial model. 

The WaterRower Classic is a mid-line product. This model uses American Black Walnut wood for a deeper coloration complexity. This complexity offers an individualistic style for each piece and a durability to admire.

A Signature Edition, the WaterRower Xeno Müller was designed in collaboration with the Olympic athlete. This model is base-line but offers wider handles and lower footrests for increased range. It features a Honey Oak stain.

The design project of WaterRower S1 is a top of the line model. Although it is the most expensive of the models, it has good reason to be: its frame is brushed stainless steel, and the model is only a limited edition design.

Lastly, the WaterRower M1 Hirise is top-end. This model offers a higher entry point and is used commercially. Available in several colors, the finish is a durable powdercoated aluminum.

Clearly, there are plenty of different models of WaterRower Machines, but let’s understand the brand a bit better through weighing key pros and cons!



WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine Review

First up: WaterRower Natural. This base-line model is au naturel due to its simple wood design.

The wood is stained Honey Oak and finished with Danish oil. The Natural’s WaterFlywheel technology emulates for users the resistance felt when you are actually out on the water.

Comfort-wise, as you work hard, the American ash wood material works hard too, to create a smooth yet quiet experience for you.

While the machine itself is quite the looker in its natural, wooden style, it still has technological features that benefit your workout experience—namely, the S4 Performance Monitor, which tracks your heart rate, distance, intensity, duration, and stroke rate.

To sum up in pros and cons for the WaterRower Natural:



WaterRower Club Rowing Machine Review

The WaterRower Club model is another base-line model. Like The Natural, it features the standard technology of the S4 Performance Monitor and WaterFlywheel resistance, and it is built from the same solid ash wood material.

The Club is a commercial model, meaning that it is especially fit for gyms and fitness studios. If you care about the color of your rowing machine, the Club might suit your fancy! It is stained in a refined black and darkish rose two-tone style. 

Plus, the rosewood finish is more resistant to soiling than The Natural’s finish, and the Club’s Black Rails are built to resist scuffing. Although the Club is still one of the most basic models, it is a pretty stunning piece of equipment that offers WaterRower’s proven technology.

The pros and cons of the WaterRower Club?



WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine Review

Ah, yes. Now time for the WaterRower Classic! As its name would suggest, The Classic is a mid-line product.

You might find yourself adoring the rich, warm look the Classic offers. The American Black Walnut (the wood, not the nut) offers a deeper complexity to its look. Each WaterRower Classic is its own unique art piece, as the brown, grey, red, and purple tones each Classic has will vary to create a certain individuality for your machine. Finished in three coats of Danish oil for extra protection and lustre, the Classic is both beautiful and durable!

The Black Walnut wood was chosen not only to please your eyes, but also for its longevity and dimensional stability. If you value beauty and durability in your fitness equipment, the Classic might be the best fit for you.

Still, let’s review some pros and cons of WaterRower Classic:



4. WaterRower Xeno Müller

Next up, the WaterRower Xeno Müller. This “Signature Edition” design is a base-line model.

The model is made in solid ash wood material and stained in Honey Oak for its beautiful color. In collaboration with US Olympic athlete Xeno Müller, this rowing machine was designed for non-Olympians to enjoy an active rowing simulation experience! 

It features wider handles (17”) and lower footrests, which increase range for you. The WaterRower Xeno Müller is also adorned with the Olympic athlete’s signature on the sides of the rails. Imagine enjoying the range of this fitness machine while feeling like an Olympian—pretty cool, right?

Now for the pros and cons of the WaterRower Xeno Müller:



WaterRower S1 Rowing Machine Review

The WaterRower S1 is a top-of-the-line model! It’s also a limited edition model.

With an electro-polished, brushed stainless steel frame, the WaterRower S1 is intense. Well, “intense” meaning that it is an impressive piece of equipment! If you’re serious about your rowing machine dreams, you might want to consider snatching up this limited edition design. 

The WaterRower S1 is a design project by WaterRower Germany, who have created this model as a special stainless steel version in the rower product lineup. Still featuring the signature WaterRower technology and S4 Performance Monitor, this model will give you the rowing experience you’re looking for plus the additional flex of its inherent specialness because it is limited edition.

Now to embark on our usual trip to pros and cons land…



WaterRower M1 Hirise Rowing Machine Review

Finally, how does the WaterRower M1 Hirise fare? Firstly, this model is a top-end product.

Secondly, the M1 Hirise is a commercial model. It impresses commercially because of its higher entry point (20”). Featuring the standard 17” handles and S4 Performance Monitor, the M1 Hirise is versatile and tech-equipped. The model’s finish is powdercoated aluminum in Silver, Black, White, or other custom colors for an extra charge. The M1 Hirise differs from the lower end models also in its sleek, smooth, lustrous look.

Let’s pro and con, shall we?



Which WaterRower Rowing Machine is the Best?

Best WaterRower Machine Review

Most Affordable: WaterRower Club and WaterRower Natural

Most expensive:  WaterRower S1

Best Value:  WaterRower Classic

Are WaterRower Rowing Machines Worth it?

Best WaterRower Machine Review

WaterRower Rowing Machines are worth it! You choose your own destiny here: what are you willing to spend? How high-quality do you want your rowing machine experience to be? What kind of look are you going for? With WaterRower, you can choose the suitable model for your unique needs.

The brand is sustainable, so you don’t have to feel guilty about purchasing from an unethical brand that cares nothing for the environment. Also, the brand has existed for 30 years, so its renowned designs have established some street cred.

Our Conclusion

Best WaterRower Machine Review

WaterRower Rowing Machines offer quite a neat range of rowing simulators. Depending on what your price range is and what exactly you are looking for in a rowing machine, this brand is likely to suit your needs.

WaterRower stands out as a brand because of its top-notch designs made from sustainable materials and its versatile line of products. Looking at other brands, there are many that are more expensive than WaterRower and also many that are cheaper. Our conclusion is that you pay for the quality you want in your rowing machine!

What is a rowing machine?

Best WaterRower Machine Review

A rowing machine is a piece of fitness equipment. Users hop on their rowing machine to exercise in a special, often more exciting, way: a simulated rowing experience!

The machine imitates for its user the activity and the feel of rowing on the water—without the actual water part, of course. 

The resistance of WaterRower rowing machines is created by the machines’ WaterFlywheel technology, which uses real water to produce the feel and effects of real rowing. The resistance is self-regulated, meaning that the user decides how much work they put in to achieve their desired rowing speed.

This exercise is a total body exercise. The brand says, “From the tips of the fingers holding the handle/oars, to the balls of the feet connected to the footboard/boat, all the muscles between these two points contribute to the rowing stroke.”

How to use a rowing machine

Best WaterRower Machine Review

Using a rowing machine is not as complicated as you might think. Though it can make for an intense total body workout sesh, the machine itself is fairly user-friendly.

First, you sit on the machine’s cushiony seat. You buckle your shoes (with your feet inside) into the platform, grab onto the wide handle in front of you, and row yourself using both your arms and legs. While you are exerting this energy, the WaterFlywheel is spinning its water, to manage your self-regulated resistance.

The machine is low impact and ideal for those with joint issues, because the exercise allows the user to control their resistance and creates a full, smooth range of motion that is joint-friendly!

Can you lose belly fat by using a rowing machine? 

Best WaterRower Machine Review

Yes! You can lose belly fat by using a rowing machine, as you can with any other type of calorie-burning activity. 

WaterRower machines can help you burn up to 1000 calories per hour. Combine this exercise with an appropriate diet, and you have yourself the formula for losing belly fat!

Is rowing better for you than running?

“Better” might depend on your criteria for what is best for your personal exercise plan. Rowing, however, is a fruitful exercise that incorporates your whole body and kills calories effectively, without putting your body into too much stress.

Just plain old running doesn’t offer the same depth of strength training that rowing machines do. So if you’re looking for an all-around good-for-you exercise, rowing is the way to go!

Is there a WaterRower Rowing Machine discount?

Best WaterRower Machine Review

You can check out different online fitness stores and Amazon for a WaterRower rowing machine, but the place you’ll find the best deal is their official website! Buy directly from the brand and you won’t be looking at hefty markup costs.  

Where can I purchase WaterRower Rowers?

Best WaterRower Machine Review

WaterRower Rowing Machines has different websites in different countries, so you can buy from the WaterRower site for your country/region, or you can buy from Amazon (though at the time of writing this article, they are out of stock) or a number of online and in-person fitness stores. 

WaterRower also offers you this contact form to request your nearest dealer of WaterRower machines.

How to contact WaterRower?

You can contact WaterRower via their website contact form for general inquiries. Alternatively, you can contact them by phone, mail, or email, depending on your region.