Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine Review

by Gary Patterson | Last Updated: June 5, 2021

About the Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine

Marcy is a popular fitness equipment brand. It has a varying selection of products for adults and children, ranging from home gyms to playground equipment. 

Marcy’s product line is inclusive in the sense that it includes machines to fit many budgets that have differing levels of features. In its lineup, you’ll find more compact models with simple displays, as well as those with advanced HD monitors and sturdier constructions. 

This Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine review will closely examine this compact model, its quality and features, and compare it to other rowers of the same caliber to help you decide if it’s worth the buy

Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine Rower Review

The company doesn’t carry out-of-this-world expensive machines. More so, they’re priced for the average household that wants a reliable machine for a decent price that won’t break the bank. 

The Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine is a budget rower with comfort and convenience at its core. Its simple, user-friendly display, is easy to navigate and features a handy tablet or book rack for your pleasure while you work out. The brand offers a total of 5 rowing machines, with the NS-40503RW being its lowest priced model. 

Before this Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine review jumps into the rower’s technical specs, it will first outline its pros and cons.



Technical Specifications

Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine Rower Review

To give you an idea of what this Rower is made of and what it can do, we’ll fill you in on the Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machines basic specifications before zooming in closer. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at this rower’s features and what they mean for your workout.

Resistance Type

Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine Rower Review

The Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine uses magnetic resistance to give users a quiet and varied workout.

Magnetic resistance is loved by users because it’s so quiet. Virtually silent, you won’t have to put up with noisy air or water rowers which compete over the volume of your favorite show. Another great thing about magnetic resistance is that it will not change the tension the faster you row. 

When compared to hydraulic rowers (of which the resistance is decreased the faster you pull), this rowing machine provides a varied workout that can be adjusted to your preference and will stay steady at that level until you are ready to change it. 

With 8 levels of resistance, users can ramp up or decrease slightly to push past their limits or recover without stopping. A budget machine that has this many resistance levels is rare. What makes it even more valuable, is that these levels are said to range from relaxed and casual to very challenging.  


The Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine is considered a “budget” rower. 

It costs $260, which, when compared to other rowers on the market, ranks in at above-average for its features. With a higher capacity, light weight, foldable design, and comfortable features, the NS-40503RW is quite impressive for its cost. 

Ordering your Marcy Rowing Machine is pretty straightforward. You can buy it directly from by adding it to your shopping cart and checking out as you would on any other website. 

You can also find the Marcy NS-40503RW on Amazon or at Walmart, but it may be available from some of your local fitness suppliers as well, as it’s from a well-known company and is a popular model

Pay for your rowing machine using any major credit card or with PayPal. This Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine review found that the company does not offer any payment plans, but you can pay later with PayPal. 

Shipping & Assembly

Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine Rower Review

Your NS-40503RW will be shipped for free via a freight service. The company specifies that orders that don’t ship through USPS/UPS will be dropped curbside

This rowing machine only weighs 64lbs, but it may be shipped with a freight service instead of mailed. You’ll have more information on that once Marcy confirms your order. 

Upon a Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine review of the product information on, we found that if they do go with a freight service, your order will take 3-7 days to leave their warehouse. From there, the carrier will be in contact to schedule a delivery day and time that best suits your schedule

Your rower will arrive disassembled in a box. Compared to other rowing machines, it doesn’t weigh too much, but you may want to have an extra person to help you carry it inside to avoid possible injury and aggravation

When you get your rowing machine inside, you’ll find everything you need inside the box, including all of the tools to put it together. 

This Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine review found that the rower has 74 different parts. That person you enlisted for help carrying the box inside will now come in handy to keep you calm while you sort through the many tiny bags included in your box. With that said, the number of parts included in this rower is average

Users said this model took about 30 minutes to 1 hour to put together, and that the instructions were a little difficult to read. We took a look at the user manual to see what all the fuss was about and found that the directions were incredibly detailed. But, there’s a ton of symbols and numbers thrown in each line of text (required to specific sizing and bag number) that could certainly cause a headache


After your Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine is assembled, you’ll probably be ready to hop on and give it a whirl. 

You’ll find that as soon as you pop the two AA batteries into the back of the display unit, as soon as you pull the handles, the unit will light up and begin counting your strokes. 

There is no further setup required — one of the many things we love about this rower. You can simply jump on and get going

Design and Features

Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine Rower Review

The Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine is well-built for a compact rower, accommodating an above-average amount of weight. Thoughtful features make this machine more comfortable than other models in its category, allowing for an enjoyable workout that isn’t focused on adjusting your position or combating discomfort

Build Quality

The Marcy NS-40503RW is a wallet-friendly rowing machine. But despite that fact, it’s built fairly sturdily, and users report that the rower can handle a decent amount of action. 

The machine weighs just 64lbs, so keep in mind while it is sturdy for its price bracket, it’s not built to withstand a ton of abuse. 

It’s made from a mix of steel and plastic pieces, so it’s not going to last as long as other, more expensive rowers, but it will do the job and do it well. Due to its lightweight nature, the machine can be moved easily. To make that movement easier, the machine can be folded and tipped on its wheels, and carted away. 


Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine Rower Review

The Marcy NS-40503RW has user-friendly features that make it comfortable for long workouts. As soon as you grip the cushioned handles, your hands will be supported and secure. With anti-slip material, you won’t need to worry about blisters. 

Push back with your legs and feel the easy glide of the wheels under your seat. Smooth movement enables a more fluid workout, which in turn, helps you to keep going. As you retract your legs, your feet will pull up on the adjustable straps and stay in place thanks to the foot rest’s textured base. 

Your lower back is supported by the seat’s padded, ergonomic cushion that’s been molded to fit your body. 


Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine Rower Review

The NS-40503RW’s capacity is 300lbs. This ranks in above the average rowing machine — even those that are in the next price category. 

This machine isn’t cheaply made, but it is less sturdy so it’s not going to last you for life. With that said, it’s enough to give a person of average height and weight a solid workout

This Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine review found that some users over 6 feet have noted a difficulty in using this rowing machine properly. They experienced some difficulty in performing a complete pull, as the seat rail was not long enough for their legs. 

We also found mentions of someone over 6’5” using this machine with no problem, so results vary. In general, for a machine of this length, those who are around 5’-6’ tall should have no issues. 


Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine Rower Review

The NS-40503RW’s LCD is very simple, which may be exactly what you’re looking for — something uncomplicated that tells you the basics. If this sounds like you, keep reading this Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine review. 

You can adjust the unit to your height preference by tilting it up or down, and the screen itself is large enough to clearly display your stats.

The LCD screen is housed by a larger plastic frame with a built-in book or iPad shelf. You’ll be able to scan through them or pause on a certain one that you’d like to focus on. 

As soon as you start rowing, the unit will scan through 4 stats:

  1. Time – The amount of time you have been using the machine in one session
  2. Calories Burned – An estimated amount based on average weight and height
  3. Stroke Count – The number of strokes you have done in your session
  4. Total Strokes – The total number of strokes you have done since you started using the machine 


It’s just you and your NS-40503RW against the world. In other words, you don’t need a membership to be able to use this machine. 

As you read in the previous section of this Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine review, the display is very simple, so it doesn’t require a commitment to a fitness service that grants you access to workout videos. 

If you’re someone who does like to follow along with an instructor, check out the many free rowing videos on YouTube and cast to your TV, or place your tablet on the shelf on the display and watch from there. 


The Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine, when assembled, measures 74″L x 20″W x 33″H — a size that can take up quite a bit of room if you’re using it within a small apartment or living room. 

Thankfully, the rower folds up in the middle, allowing it to be 37.0″ x 19.75″ x 48.0″. The essentially 3’ x 4’ foot rower can then be tipped on its back and wheeled to a better place for storage. This size makes it suitable for most closets, but it may work best in the corner of a room. 

Folding and storing this rowing machine shouldn’t be an issue for people of varying strength levels. Since it’s light and has wheels, it can be dragged without a struggle. 


The Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine has a Limited 2-Year Warranty that covers any material or workmanship defects. You will not be able to claim your warranty if damage has occurred due to:

To make a warranty claim, you’ll need to head to the online portal and create a ticket. Marcy will not give you a refund for your rowing machine, they can only repair the one you have or replace it with a new one. 

Which option they choose is at their own discretion. But, if you choose to make a warranty claim, you’ll be responsible for sending it back and paying for the shipping

This Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine review discovered that if you wish to return your NS-40503RW, you can do so within 30 days of purchase if your machine is in its like-new condition, has not been damaged, and is shipped back in its original packaging. 

If accepted, Marcy will issue you a full refund of the product, minus the restocking fee of 15%. Return shipping will be at your own expense. Exchanges are only valid for items that arrived damaged

Final Thoughts

Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine Rower Review

The Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine is a compact, affordable, and sleek little machine that packs a punch when it comes to performance. With a range of resistance levels and comfortable features, this machine appears to be above average when compared to others in its price range. 

For such an affordable price, this machine does lack more advanced features, such as a high-tech display and a greater range of resistance, but this Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine review believes it’s a great model for those looking to get a sweaty workout in, who want to save a few bucks, and have limited space in their homes. 


Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine Rower Review

Where can I purchase the Marcy NS-40503RW Rower?

To buy your Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine, head to You can also find the rower on Amazon or at Walmart. 

Is there a Marcy NS-40503RW Rower discount?

In our Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine review, we were unable to uncover any discounts offered by the brand. But, it does offer free shipping. 

Does the Marcy NS-40503RW Rower fold?

The NS-40503RW does fold! A lever in the middle of the machine allows the back end of it to be lifted to a 90-degree angle. From there, you can tip it back and wheel it away. 

Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine?

It’s very possible that you can lose belly fat on a rowing machine. The machine targets your abs and obliques while you row and the movement itself is a good form of cardio. When you’re in a calorie deficit, you lose weight, some of which can be belly fat. Once that fat is gone, your newly toned abs will show. 

Is rowing better for you than running?

Rowing is a low-impact full-body workout. It doesn’t put stress on your joints while targeting muscles all over your body. Running, on the other hand, is terrible for your joints and only serves as a form of cardio with minimal leg toning involved. 

How to contact Marcy?

We hope that you found all of the information you needed in this Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine review. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the brand directly by: