NordicTrack RW700 Rowing Machine Review

by Gary Patterson | Last Updated: May 22, 2021

About NordicTrack Rowing Machines

NordicTrack is a fitness equipment company that prides itself on supplying premium quality at-home workout equipment. The company intends to transform your fitness experience by offering high-class equipment with built-in access to world-class trainers, all in your own home! 

NordicTrack designs its equipment and workout classes with all activity levels in mind. So whether you’re getting back into working out or are an exercise junkie, NordicTrack equipment can work for you. 

Products in NordicTrack’s inventory include treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines, strength training equipment, and rowing machines

The brand also has an online fitness class product called iFit. Users of their equipment can purchase memberships to iFit and watch classes on the HD touchscreen that gets incorporated into every piece of NordicTrack fitness equipment.    

This NordicTrack RW700 rowing machine review will give an in-depth look at one of their rowing machines, the RW700 (which also comes with access to iFit.)  

RW700 Rowing Machine Review

Nordictrack RW700 Rower Review

The RW700 is one of three rowers NordicTrack sells. This model falls in the middle of the three for price and features. 

The NordicTrack RW700 is a premium rowing machine made with ergonomic features to make rowing comfortable for anyone. The rowing machine also has air and digital resistance, with 26 resistance settings to choose. 

It costs $1,299 and comes with a one-year free subscription to iFit.

This NordicTrack RW700 review will look at the rowing machine’s features, quality, and value to help you decide if this is the rower for you. 

This NordicTrack RW700 review is first going to look at some pros and cons of the rowing machine. 



Technical Specifications

This NordicTrack RW700 review will now give you a useful overview of the product’s technical specifications. 

Resistance Type

The NordicTrack RW700 rower features a combination of manual air resistance and digital Automatic Trainer Control resistance. 

The rower has 26 digital resistance settings. This feature means that all activity levels can have a challenging workout, with the ability to increase intensity as you progress. 

Nordictrack RW700 Rower Review

The great thing about this dual-resistance rower is that you can row simply against natural resistance. You can also drastically up the difficulty level of your workout using one of the 26 settings. 

Both the air and digital resistance are silent, meaning the rower won’t make a significant amount of noise no matter which setting it’s on. 


The NordicTrack RW700 rower costs $1,299. When purchasing on NordicTrack’s website, this amount can be paid upfront, or you can use a payment plan. 

The first payment plan option is to pay 12 monthly installments of $109, with your iFit membership included for a year at no extra cost. 

You can also pay over three years. This price includes the $1,299 cost of the rower and a two-year subscription to iFit (starting after the free one year is complete.) The iFit subscription cost is $396 per year (for a total of $792 for two years.) 

This will make the total amount payable over three years $2,091, and each monthly installment will be $59. 36 installments will be due in total. 

Both payment plans offer 0% APR. 

This price includes the standard warranty. You can add a three-year extended warranty for $179.95 and a three-year maintenance plan for $259.99. These add-ons are available at checkout. 

Payment must be given via credit card, and Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are accepted. 

The price of this rower is slightly more expensive than other rowing machines on the market. This is especially the case if you look at rowers without a touchscreen like that found on the RW700.

If you won’t use the touchscreen and the workout videos, then a lower-priced model from another brand may be a better choice. 

If you will use this touchscreen feature and the accompanying iFit exercise classes, then the rowing machine is worth the cost. It has an incredibly premium and ergonomic design, and the screen is high-quality. 

Compared to other rowing machines on the market with built-in screens, the price is competitive. 

Shipping & Assembly

The threshold delivery rate is $199. If you would like the rower taken into the room of your choice when delivered, that will cost you $219. 

NordicTrack ships via UPS. Items ship in one to three business days. Your order will then take ten to 14 business days to arrive. 

NordicTrack does not ship to P.O. or APO boxes. 

Assembly of the rower once you receive it is of a medium difficulty level. NordicTrack states that two people must assemble the rower; do not attempt assembly alone. 

Nordictrack RW700 Rower Review

All of the large parts of the rower are included, plus the necessary screws and bolts. In addition to these materials, you’ll need a Phillips screwdriver and an adjustable wrench.


The rowing machine has a touchscreen that allows you to track your workout progress. To set up this feature, you’ll need to input some information first. You’ll also need to connect to wifi and make an account to be able to use iFit

This NordicTrack RW700 review will explain how to do that so you can effectively track your exercise success and access your workout videos. 

  1. Turn the screen on by touching it.
  2. Connect to your wireless network to use iFit by going to “Wireless Network Menu” and clicking to enable wifi. Then choose the network and input the password. 
  3. Setup your iFit account by following the prompts on the screen. 
  4. Go to “My Profile” and input information like height and weight. 
  5. Go to “Equipment Settings” to change the timezone and unit of measurement. 
  6. To adjust the resistance, touch “Manual Start” and then adjust the level. 

You can then access iFit videos through the link on the main menu, and your workout progress will appear on screen as you row. 

Design and Features

This NordicTrack RW700 review will now look at the rower’s design and features. This includes covering the rowing machine’s comfort, capacity, and build quality. 

Build Quality

Nordictrack RW700 Rower Review

The rowing machine is made from solid steel, making it extremely strong and sturdy. It weighs approximately 117 lbs. The inclusion of an HD touchscreen adds to the product’s quality. 

The rower conveniently has wheels as well, making it easy to move around both when open and folded. 

Ultimately, this is a well-built, high-quality product with the added benefit of including technological elements, like access to workout videos and on-screen exercise stats. 


This rowing machine is built with comfort in mind, even when used for more extended workouts. 

The handle is a Soft Touch ergonomic handle. It’s comfortable enough to hold for long periods of time and has outstanding grip so that you won’t lose control even if sweating. 

NordicTrack RW700’s seat is also ergonomic and molded for superior comfort. 

The oversized pivoting pedals are quick-adjust, meaning you can easily adjust them to the ideal tightness. They’ll also guarantee to keep you secure no matter what level of workout you’re doing. The pedals feature comfortable and adjustable nylon foot straps too.    


This rowing machine is perfectly suited to both men and women. The rower can also be used by those with a range of body weights. But, the rowing machine is not to be used by anyone weighing more than  250 lbs (113 kg.) 

It is also not recommended that people under the age of 16 use the rower. 

These limits are standard, with many other rowing machine producers stating the same weight and age restrictions. 

The length and intensity of your workout may vary based on your gender, weight, and workout goals. The number of calories burned, shown on the monitor, may vary with your weight. 


Nordictrack RW700 Rower Review

This high-tech rower includes a 14” rotating HD smart touchscreen. You can use this screen to access iFit workout videos, allowing you to follow along as you row with extreme ease. 

You can access sound by: 

  1. Attaching headphones
  2. Using bluetooth headphones
  3. Using another bluetooth device 

You can add resistance preferences via the touchscreen as well. The screen can also display real-time stats relating to your workout. These stats include calories burned and time and distance rowed. If you have a compatible heart rate monitor device, that can connect to the rowing machine too to track your heart rate as you row.  

The screen additionally allows you to set workout goals and will let you know your progress and when those goals get reached. 


With the purchase of the rower, you’ll get a one-year free iFit membership. This membership allows you to access a vast selection of on-demand online workout classes run by certified iFit trainers. 

With this membership, you can access exercise videos to follow while using the rower. You’ll also have access to workout videos using other Nordic Track equipment and exercises that do not need equipment. 

After one year, this membership will auto-renew if you do not cancel. The current cost of a one-year iFit membership is $396. 


Nordictrack RW700 Rower Review

The NordicTrack RW700 uses SpacerSaver Design, which allows it to fold for convenient and hassle-free storage. You can store the rower wherever you have space, including in a closet, garage, or the corner of your workout room. 

The rower is relatively easy to fold and store. One person should be able to manage it alone. The rowing machine does have wheels, which makes moving the folded rowing machine incredibly easy. 

Make sure you unplug the power adapter before storing the rowing machine. 


This NordicTrack RW700 review is now going to cover the rowing machine’s warranty. 

The warranty gets included with the purchase of the RW700. The warranty on the frame lasts ten years, and the warranty on parts lasts two years. There is also a one-year labor warranty. 

The warranty covers repairs and replacements. Contacting NordicTrack’s warranty provider, ICON Health & Fitness, Inc, will let you know if they will repair the broken or defective part or send a replacement.

Shipping costs get covered under warranty, but the customer is responsible for a minimal handling charge.   

NordicTrack will not extend the warranty if the damage was caused by the user, whether purposefully or not. It is also void if the rowing machine gets used for rental or commercial purposes. 

The standard manufacturer’s warranty gets included with the purchase of the RW700. You can additionally purchase a three-year extended warranty for $179.95 and a three-year maintenance plan for $259.99. These added plans are available for purchase at checkout. 

Visit to activate the warranty. To claim the warranty, call 1-800-862-3348. 

Final Thoughts

Now that the specifics of the rowing machine have got covered, this NordicTrack RW700 review will offer final thoughts and let you know if buying the RW700 is worth it. 

The NordicTrack RW700 is a premium piece of workout equipment that’s ideal for all activity levels. It features a comfortable ergonomic design and no-slip handle and is easy to fold and store.

A major selling point of this rowing machine is the 14” HD touchscreen. This high-quality screen adds amazing value. The ability to access workout classes on the screen as you row via iFit makes the overall product second to none. 

While it’s not the most affordable piece of exercise equipment, it is priced competitively for this level of design and functionality. At $1,299, it’s actually quite affordable for the quality provided and a good investment if you intend to use the machine frequently over an extended period.

If you want to give your at-home workout an incredible boost, utilize a superior piece of equipment, and have access to world-class training videos, then the RW700 is absolutely worth it. 


Where can I purchase the Nordictrack RW700 Rower?

If this NordicTrack RW700 review has convinced you to purchase the rower, you can buy it on the company’s website at 

Other sports equipment stores may have the rowing machine, check with shops in your area to find out. 

Is there a Nordictrack RW700 Rower discount?

This NordicTrack RW700 review could not find any special discounts or promotion codes. 

You do receive a one-year free subscription to iFit when you purchase a rower. 

Does the Nordictrack RW700 Rower fold?

Yes, the Nordictrack RW700 Rower uses SpacerSaver Design. This feature allows it to fold, making storage a breeze!  

Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine?

Incorporating a rowing machine workout into your exercise plan can help to burn fat, including belly fat. To burn fat, you need to exercise at a low-intensity level over a consistent and sustained period. 

This type of sustained workout is possible with a rowing machine, hence the reason why you can lose belly fat while rowing. NordicTrack’s iFit classes make this burning of fat even more likely as following a professional exercise class will keep your workout going for a decent period and offer the best results.

Is rowing better for you than running?

Some studies show that rowing activates more muscles than running and offers better toning and fat burning. Rowing makes use of both your leg and arm muscles as opposed to running, which focuses on using leg muscles. 

Both running and rowing are healthy exercise choices and should effectively boost your heart rate, burn fat, and keep you active. But if you could only choose one, rowing is a slightly better option.   

How to contact Nordictrack?

This NordicTrack RW700 review will now provide the company’s contact info should you have any questions, comments, or concerns. 

You can call the NordicTrack service department at 1-800-862-3348. They are contactable Monday to Friday, 6 AM to 8 PM MST. You can also reach them on Saturday from 7 AM to 5 PM MST. 

You can also call the NordicTrack sales departments at 1-888-308-9616. They are available at all hours between 6 AM MST on Monday and 10 PM MST on Saturday. 

The NordicTrack website also has a live chat feature for instant support. That feature is in the bottom right-hand corner of each webpage on their website.