WaterRower Xeno Muller Rowing Machine Rower Review

by Gary Patterson | Last Updated: May 21, 2021

About WaterRower Rowing Machines 

It’s not designed to be put away. The WaterRower is made to look sleek, sophisticated, and stylish in order to blend within any modern household. Best known for their line of stationary paddlers, this exercise equipment brand serves as a classier alternative to those cold, factory-looking indoor machines. They utilize water resistance within their models, which give off a meditative, rushing-current effect with every push and pull. 

Founded by John Duke, the WaterRower served as his passion project. Using his sports background and engineering degree, he managed to develop his first prototype in 1988. To stand out of the competition, Duke wanted his model to look more refined and ‘artistic’ compared to the overused industrialized aesthetic that other machines carried. 

Utilizing wood sourced from the Appalachian forest, he was able to come up with a design that he liked. His one-man band quickly evolved into a big-house manufacturing facility in Rhode Island. 

Today, the WaterRower is well known within the exercise equipment industry for being fashionable, functional, and upper-class. With a following of over 23.6k on Instagram, this online brand is frequently headlined in several media outlets, including Cosmopolitan, InsideHook, and Runner’s World Magazine. 

Xeno Muller Rowing Machine Rower Review

WaterRower Xeno Muller Rowing Machine Rower Review

While we’ve covered WaterRower products in a past review, we will be focusing on one of their all-time bestsellers, the WaterRower Xeno Muller Rowing Machine. Done in collaboration with famed U.S Olympian and scull record breaker, this special edition model is made out of a stunning solid ash frame with his signature written on both sides. 

It’s considered one of the more expensive machines on the market and has garnered a significant amount of acclaim on the internet, including Men’s Journal and Top Fitness Magazine. 

Looking to buy one for yourself? Before you even pull out your wallet, we recommend reading this WaterRower Xeno MullerRowing Machine review first. We’ll provide a thorough commentary on the product’s features, customer ratings, quality, and value to help readers make an informed decision. 

Before we get into this WaterRower Xeno Muller Rowing Machine review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons: 



Technical Specifications

Just need a quick rundown? No worries. This WaterRower Xeno Muller Rowing Machine review will provide readers with only the specifics down below: 

Resistance Type

Consider this paragraph as a brief, ‘indoor rowers for dummies’ summarization. In the sculling world, resistance is the pull and push force created in every stroke. Most stationary paddlers are offered in 4 different tensions: air, magnetic, water, and digital. 

All of these varieties are usually marketed to offer a smooth and seamless experience- much similar to that of real oaring. The Xeno Muller Rower operates on H20, as users are instructed to fill their flywheel with water for the machine to operate. 

The resistance type is well known to accurately simulate the environment of opposing currents. With every paddle, users are treated to the calming, rushing-streams effect as the water whirls around in the tank. While most trainers love this sound, the WaterRower Xeno Muller Rower may not be intended for those who prefer a noise-free environment when working out. 

To up the intensity, users must simply paddle faster to change the resistance levels. There are no fancy buttons or touch screens involved to simulate the experience of real-time paddling. Trainers can track their stroke rate by taking a look at their performance monitor. 


It’s time to go over the real nail-biter. How much does this Rowing Machine cost? On their company website, this Xeno Muller special edition model is priced at a whopping $1,195. This doesn’t include shipping and taxes. 

From what we’ve gathered so far, this prototype falls within the expensive category. To give readers a better sense of the indoor rower market, machines like the NordicTrack RW900 and even the brand’s own Ergatta Connected retail for over $2,300

High in price, these prototypes offer an advanced LCD monitor on the front. When compared, the Xeno Muller machine doesn’t come with a membership plan or virtual coaching. While the Ergatta model isn’t equipped to play live or prerecorded training sessions, users are able to visualize their progress through graphs and charts without having to rely on the number count. 

If you’re counting pennies, models like the Mr Right Oak Wood Water Rower and the ProForm 750R only cost $600. Based on our research, some low-cost alternatives don’t come with performance monitors or aren’t built with WaterRower’s stunning woodwork frame. With that being said, we found various similarities between Mr. Right and the Xeno Muller model. 

Both made out of wood; the only difference between the two is Muller’s signature for the WaterRower and the LCD monitor on the Mr. Right model. If you’re not a die-hard fan of this U.S Olympian, it may be best to opt for something low in cost that offers the same design and function. Arguably, the competing model may show a more technologically advanced alternative due to its performance display. 

In terms of purchasing options, this WaterRower Xeno Muller Rowing Machine review found out that customers can only purchase it as a one-off payment. While the company does offer a rental service at a lower cost, this is only applicable to natural, club, oxbridge, H1, and M1 models. 

When it comes to financing, we found out that they provide Klarna as an alternative payment option. However, this seems to be only exclusive for U.K customers. We found a few online sources that point to Affirm as another viable alternative. 

Still, this WaterRower Xeno Muller Rowing Machine review found no indication of this installment plan whatsoever, unless it’s offered at checkout. Customers can also purchase this model in select retailers such as Nohrd and Amazon. 

Shipping & Assembly

WaterRower Xeno Muller Rowing Machine Rower Review

For those who’ve settled on the Xeno Muller Rowing Machine as their final option, let’s go over their shipping policy and assembly process. The company offers various delivery rates depending on the model and where you live within the United States. 

For instance, customers that reside west of the Mississippi River are charged $80 for wooden machines or $135 for a metal prototype. Due to COVID-19, it will take 6 to 8 weeks for orders to arrive. Unfortunately, it seems that they only ship within America or Canada. Buyers can find a list of shipping rates on their website for better reference. 

To ensure no parts are damaged during transportation, the company will package your order in two different boxes. And there’s no need to sweat- the Xeno Muller Rowing machine will come partially assembled for added convenience. Once delivered, customers can refer to the instructional manual found alongside their model. If you’re a visual learner, the brand offers a playlist of assembly videos that buyers can watch. 

According to their manual, the Xeno Muller machine only takes 30 to 35 minutes to assemble. Customers will only need a 5mm Allen Key as their one tool, which is conveniently added to the box. The model also comes with a syphon pump to help fill in the water tank. After installing the batteries in the monitor, all that’s left to do is to start rowing..

From what this WaterRower Xeno Muller Rowing Machine review has learned so far, it seems that customers found the assembly process to be straightforward. However, only a few online testimonials online can attest to this.   


Give yourself a pat on the back. The hardest part is finally over! Compared to other branded models, the Xeno Muller Rower doesn’t require any additional setup. The performance monitor runs ‘old school,’ which means that it runs without WI-FI connectivity or account login. Moreover, data such as date, time, location, weight, or height are unneeded to operate this machine. 

Design and Features

Does this model live up to its Olympian status, or is it third place at best? Stay tuned, as this WaterRower Xeno Muller Rowing Machine review will take an in-depth look at its build quality, comfort, and user capacity down below. 

Build Quality

WaterRower Xeno Muller Rowing Machine Rower Review

Reinforced with a stunning solid wood frame, the Xeno Muller Rowing Machine is designed to impress. Varnished with a slick, honey oak stain, this beauty simulates that charming, rustic feel of camping, canoeing, and the wilderness. However, it’s not just for aesthetics. American Ash is known to insulate noise and reduce shake. It’s also considered to last longer over prolonged use. 

It weighs a hefty 103.5 lbs in total, which ensures no shifting or moving when the machine is in operation. As a side note, this is the standard weight for most WaterRower devices. 

Created to stand upright, users can easily affix this model against their living room wall or closet. To make things a bit easier, this machine comes equipped with dolly wheels on the bottom for added convenience. While there are a few customer reviews that give commentary on the storage process for the Xeno Muller prototype, we found a couple of users who’ve stated that WaterRower models were fairly easy to put away. 


The Xeno Muller Rower features a 17” grip handle and lower footrests to ensure comfort and stability. To keep trainers from ‘flying out the boat,’ adjustable straps are added at the base of each sole pad. Designed with an elevated, cushioned seat, users can stroke in peace without ache or pain.

According to a few online reviews, this model is designed with increased range- meaning that it keeps rowers in ergonomic position while allowing for a decent amount of space. 


The Xeno Muller Rowing Machine can accommodate a hefty 1000 lbs. After doing a bit of research, this model definitely surpasses the normal user capacity of other brands. In terms of height, it’s friendly towards those who fall beneath the 6-foot range. For better comparison, the Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rower and the Velocity Exercise prototype are only able to hold a limit of 275 to 300 lbs.

As an added cherry on top, the Xeno Muller rower is designed with increased range, which ensures no cramped spaces and a more composed rowing position. For those herculean heavyweights, this model is definitely for you. Moreover, this prototype also serves as a viable option for users looking to lose weight. 

A few online reviewers recommended this stationary paddler as a great option for those who have a broad body figure. 


Real-time rowing doesn’t come with fancy buttons or touch screens to increase intensity. To be honest, we’re a little spoiled when it comes to indoor exercise machines. For those looking to go old school, the Xeno Muller Rowing Machine comes with a simple S4 performance monitor that only tracks the basics. 

Operated with 9 different buttons- including reset, navigation, and select- this display case looks over your heart rate, stroke rate, intensity, distance, calorie count, and duration. However, in order to view your pulse readings, buyers must purchase their chest strap on the website. 

WaterRower Xeno Muller Rowing Machine Rower Review

If you want to train like a first-class olympian, customers are given complimentary access to a playlist of workout videos coached by Xeno Muller himself. This is only available to download once you’ve purchased this special edition model. As a side note, this does not play on the display case, as users must watch them on their mobile device.

Rowers can also program their machines to operate on their previous setting by going through the monitor’s auto store program. 


This WaterRower Xeno Muller Rowing Machine review found no affiliated membership to pair with this special edition model. However, the brand does offer a list of partnered apps that are compatible with this prototype. 

Customers can download training modules such as CityRow Go and Kinomap to turn their indoor sculling session into a virtual experience. It’s worth noting that trainers must purchase a Bluetooth hardware piece in order for these programs to work. 


Built to be collapsible, the Xeno Muller Rowing Machine is designed to be space-smart and compactable. Designed to be folded vertically, this model can be tucked away in a closet, corner, or beside a wall. Due to its stunning design, the brand states that this prototype isn’t made to be hidden away. It can easily fit into your modern decor and living space. 

WaterRower Xeno Muller Rowing Machine Rower Review

Made to save your back, this machine features a set of dolly wheels at the bottom for easy storage. While it does weigh over 100 lbs, this WaterRower Xeno Muller Rowing Machine review discovered that most users experienced no difficulty in moving it on their own. 


The WaterRower Xeno Muller Rowing Machine comes with two policies: a 3-year parts guarantee and a 5-year frame warranty. This doesn’t include electronic devices, such as touchscreens, batteries, and other affiliated accessories. If your machine is proven defective after prolonged use, the brand offers complimentary repair with free return shipping costs. As a side note, customers must register their rower in order to activate each warranty. 

We haven’t found much in terms of the return policy. If you have any questions or grievances related to your indoor rower, this  WaterRower Xeno Muller Rowing Machine suggests contacting their customer service team for more information. 

Final Thoughts

This WaterRower Xeno Muller Rowing Machine review encourages you to seriously consider this model. After combing through the product’s specifics, quality, and customer ratings, it all boiled down to user capacity and its one-of-a-kind design. 

A majority of indoor rowers only accommodate a range of 250 to 300 pounds. As a result, this model looks very impressive with its overall limit of 1000 pounds. Trainers of all sizes can use his stationary paddler as a way to lose weight or as a meditative workout experience for daily use. 

If you’re a Xeno Muller fan, chances are that this machine has piqued your interest. However, for those who don’t follow the U.S Olympics, this feature may not even matter. In terms of negatives, this model is relatively expensive. We also found other models that offered the same kind of design at a lower price. Regardless, this WaterRower machine can act as a piece of history within your home decor- as well as perform a useful function in burning those excess calories. 


Where can I purchase the WaterRower Xeno Muller Rower?

Buyers can find the WaterRower Xeno Muller Rower by heading over to waterrower.com. You can also find them at select retailers such as Amazon, Nohrd, Recovery for Athletes, the Fitness Outlet, the Fitness Zone, and Walmart. 

Is there a WaterRower Xeno Muller Rower discount?

So far, this WaterRower Xeno MullerRowing Machine review found no discounts or promotions on this model. We recommend following them on their social media pages for any notifications. 

Does the WaterRower Xeno Muller Rower fold?

Absolutely! This machine is designed to be folded vertically. It also comes with a set of dolly wheels to make moving easier. 

Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine?

Users can burn a considerable amount of calories while using a rowing machine. Fortunately, the Xeno Muller model comes with a complimentary list of training videos once purchased. 

Is rowing better for you than running?

This WaterRower Xeno Muller Rowing Machine review found several health experts hyping up the benefits of rowing. Compared to running, the act of stroking entails the movement of your legs, arms, and torso. As a result, users can achieve a full-body workout. 

How to contact WaterRower?

For inquiries unrelated to this WaterRower Xeno Muller Rowing review, you can contact the company through:

560 Metacom Avenue

Warren, RI 02885 United States