Best Stamina Products Rowing Machines

by Gary Patterson | Last Updated: June 14, 2021

Stamina Products Rowers

Best Stamina Products Rowing Machines

Stamina Products is a fitness equipment brand that sells a variety of different types of exercise machines. You can find equipment to do Pilates, cardio, and strength training, and their inventory also includes exercise bikes, steppers, trampolines, and the products that will be the focus of this article: rowing machines. Stamina Products rowers offer a variety of models meant to accommodate working-outers of all skill levels.

The company began selling in 1987 and continues to sell today through the wondrous world of e-commerce.

Stamina Products Rowing Machines

The first Stamina Products rower machine researched and reviewed below is the Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399. The ATS Air Rower 1399 is a mid-line product, one of the more affordable but still durable rowing machines, priced at USD $399.99. This machine is equipped with an oversized seat rail and large footplates that accommodate your body type, self-controlled resistance, and comes with access to the audio coaching app müüv.

The next Stamina Products rower reviewed is the Stamina Magnetic Rowing Machine 1110, a base-line model priced at USD $299.99. The magnetic resistance adjusts to eight different levels as you please and functions quietly. It is comfortable and accessible with a padded seat, aluminum rowing beam, pivoting footplates, and a foam rowing handle. It also comes with a convenient water bottle/phone holder!

The Stamina BodyTrac Glider Rowing Machine 1052 is a base-line model of the Stamina Products rower lineup, priced at USD $249.99. It comes with a full range of motion that mimics the feel of rowing on water, adjustable hydraulic cylinder resistance, an LCD workout monitor, access to müüv, and three free online workouts. You also get comfort with a padded seat and handles and convenient storage with rowing arms that fold.

The Stamina BodyTrac Glider is a base-line model of the Stamina Products rower lineup, and it is the most affordable of the rowers reviewed in this article, priced at USD $229.99. It still offers you full range of motion, smooth hydraulic cylinder resistance, ball-bearing rower system, steel frame construction, access to müüv, and a multi-function monitor. The workout is also comfortable with a padded seat and handle.

Of the Stamina Products rowers, the Avari Programmable Magnetic Rower is a high-end model at USD $999.99. It comes equipped with 12 different workout programs, a chest strap that monitors your heart rate, Backlit InTouch Fitness LCD monitor, arrow buttons to adjust time and resistance, and müüv.  The molded seat, padded handle, pivoting footplates, and extruded aluminum rowing beam make for a comfy and accommodating machine.

Finally, the Stamina X Air Rower is a mid-line model that you can get for USD $549.99. This rower specially offers you a more high-intensity workout. Included are two free online workouts, multi-function monitor, padded seat and handles, pivoting footplates, and an angled seat rail for easier sliding. The X Air Rower uses self-controlled air resistance, with a rowing chain and spinning fan.

Now, don’t fret—here’s a breakdown of the overall pros and cons for this brand to save your brain the trouble of researching it yourself: 



Alrighty, let’s get into the good stuff, shall we? Here are the best Stamina Products rowing machines


Best Stamina Products Rowing Machines

First up is the Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399! The ATS Air Rower 1399 is a mid-line product in the Stamina Products Rowers product lineup. 

This model is designed for comfort: it’s got an oversized seat rail, large footplates, adjustable foot straps, a comfy padded sliding seat, and textured hand grips. These features accommodate your unique body type, creating a comfy yet effective workout experience. The ATS Air Rower 1399 is a wind-resistance machine and allows you to manage the level of resistance for yourself and by yourself.

Also, it is designed to be durable despite its more affordable price, equipped with a nylon rowing strap and steel frame. If you’re new to the game or just looking for more guidance, this model comes with access to the smart audio coaching app müüv, which, smart as it is, customizes coaching for you.

It also comes with a multi-function workout monitor on the machine that shows you speed, time, distance, and calories burned. Style-wise, it’s pretty, yet modest in silver and grey.




Best Stamina Products Rowing Machines

Next up, the Stamina Magnetic Rowing Machine 1110. This base-line product is one of the most affordable Stamina Products Rowers sold at USD $299.99

You can adjust the Magnetic Rowing Machine 1110 to eight different levels of magnetic resistance. This type of resistance is notable for its quiet functioning. It comes with a multi-function workout monitor that measures strokes, workout time, distance, and calories burned.

The machine uses a steel frame and aluminum rowing beam to give you a smooth experience in both seat-sliding and rowing stroke. The workout recommended for this model is low-impact total body strength and cardio. The footplates pivot, allowing you a wider range of motion as you burn off those calories. Plus, the seat is comfortably padded and molded and the rowing handle is foam for a comfortable hand grip.

While you work out, you can place your phone or water bottle in the convenient holder attached. The product looks simple in black and silver.




Best Stamina Products Rowing Machines

The Stamina BodyTrac Glider Rowing Machine 1052 is another base-line model for the Stamina Products Rowers. You can purchase it for USD $249.99.

What makes the BodyTrac Glider Rowing Machine 1052 special? Well, firstly, it has a full range of motion that actually mimics the feeling of rowing on water, and it uses adjustable hydraulic cylinder resistance.

The LCD monitor tracks your standard workout metrics, and you also get the smart müüv app that personalizes its audio coaching for you. In addition to this, you are granted access to three online workouts.

Comfort is a design priority for the BodyTrac 1052. Ball-bearing rollers make for a gliding stroke, the seat is molded, and handles padded. Its textured foot plates with adjustable straps help accommodate your unique body. Plus, the machine’s rowing arms fold, which makes for convenient storage. 

You don’t skimp on aesthetics, too, because this model is attractive in silver, black, and blue with a steel frame to match.




Best Stamina Products Rowing Machines

This Stamina BodyTrac Glider is one you’ll want to pay attention to if you’re looking for the best Stamina Products Rower on a budget. This base-line model is the most affordable of the rowers reviewed in this article, priced at only USD $229.99 a pop!

Getting into the nitty-gritty of what this budget-friendly model offers, it has: full range of motion to mimic rowing on water, hydraulic cylinder resistance for smoother rowing, a ball-bearing rower system, and steel frame construction.

It offers comfort with a padded seat and handles and stability with textured footplates. You can monitor your results live through the built-in multi-function monitor. This model comes with access to müüv, your personalized smart audio coaching app. 

Look at it and you’ll see a simple design in silver and black. Store your affordable yet effective glider rower conveniently with its foldable rowing arms.




Best Stamina Products Rowing Machines

And now for a high-end model: the Avari Programmable Magnetic Rower. (Try saying that ten times fast.)

At USD $999.99, this bad boy is loaded with cool features: you can choose from 12 different workout programs, which include cardio, manual, custom, and an automatic accommodating heart rate program. It offers you an included chest strap to monitor your heart rate, which makes your work out that much more informed and technically elevated.

The Backlit InTouch Fitness LCD monitor also tracks metrics for you, and the machine comes with easy-to-use arrow buttons that adjust time and resistance. You still get access to the müüv coaching app with this model, except you can likely make better use of it with this model’s increased comfort and durability. The molded seat, padded handle, pivoting footplates, and extruded aluminum rowing beam work together to create a smooth rowing experience.

For storage, the steel frame folds up nicely, and the built-in wheels give you handy portability. The beautiful Avari Programmable Magnetic Rower comes to you in black, brushed aluminum, so you can sweat in style.




Best Stamina Products Rowing Machines

Lastly, let’s review the Stamina X Air Rower. This model is mid-line of the Stamina Products Rowers lineup at USD $549.99

The Stamina X Air Rower is special because it is recommended for those looking for a high-intensity workout. With this machine, it’s possible to do HIIT on a rower! Also, you get two free online workouts to help guide you and a multi-function monitor to track metrics.

This model gives you a comfortable calorie burn with its molded seat, padded handles, pivoting footplates, steel frame, and specially angled seat rail for an easier sliding experience. The X Air Rower uses air resistance, so your resistance is automatically adjusted to your speed, and it is controlled using a durable rowing chain and spinning fan. When you’re done, you can easily fold it up and roll it away for storage. 

You can admire this rower’s aesthetics if you love a cool black and red style, because a high-intensity machine doesn’t have to be ugly, am I right or am I right?



Stamina Rowing Machines Summary?

Are Stamina Rowing Machines Worth it?

Best Stamina Products Rowing Machines

Our take: yes. If you intend to purchase a rowing machine from Stamina, be mindful of your body, skill level, and budget when considering the various models. It’s great that the prices range from around $200 to over $1000, so that you can buy a machine without spending buckets of cash, though if you do want to invest heavily into a rower, you can! 

Customer reviews reveal a majority of happy purchases, with most of the models reviewed here sitting above 4 stars. So if you’re looking for a rowing machine, Stamina Products rowers should give you a helpful, accessible range of rowers to choose from—just remember to consider what is best for you personally. There’s sure to be a rower that will suit your wants, needs, and rowing dreams!

Our Conclusion

Stamina Products is a decently reliable brand for rowing machines. Perhaps the best advantage of this brand is the diversity of their product lineup, with models for different workout intensities, budgets, styles, and tech features. Compared to other rowing machine companies, Stamina sells affordable models that still offer pretty advanced features.

Though the ratings for the products are mostly positive, some negative customer reviews warn potential customers about parts breaking, warranties that are too short, and unreliable customer service. Before buying, check out the customer reviews for the individual model you are considering.

Is there a Stamina Rowing Machine discount?

To get discounts, sign up for the Stamina Products newsletter (the sign-up for which is at the bottom of the site homepage), where you will be notified about exclusive offers! 

Where can I purchase Stamina Rowers?

Do note that the Stamina Products website only ships to the US. If you’re a Canadian wannabe rower purchasing online, the Stamina site directs you to purchase from Drexel. You can also purchase from Amazon or in store at Walmart.

How to contact Stamina?

Contact Stamina via their online contact form. Alternatively, you can email them at [email protected] or phone 1-800-375-7520.