Best Marcy Rowing Machines

by Gary Patterson | Last Updated: June 5, 2021

About Marcy Rowers

Marcy is a home exercise equipment brand that originates from Walter Marcyan. Marcyan’s commitment to physical fitness for all resulted in the creation of his first All-in-One Gym for home use in 1959. 

Best Marcy Rowing Machines Review

The Marcy Brand became an industry leader in home-gym equipment, making fitness training accessible and mainstream in the United States. Marcy has a wide range of exercise equipment, including Marcy rowers, that are suitable for a fitness pro and an average Joe. 

The Best Marcy Rowing Machines

Best Marcy Rowing Machines Review

As we find the best Marcy rowing machines we will be comparing some of the brand’s best-selling rowers. This review will showcase the options available from the brand in terms of price, resistance, durability, included workout programs, storage and comfort. Once we’ve covered the bases, we’ll categorize the Marcy Rowers by affordability and value. 

First, the Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine is the most budget friendly machine in this review. This foldable machine makes for easy transport and storage and features an LCD panel to track your progress.

Next, is the Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine which is another low range model. The sleek design makes for easy storage and includes a bottle holder for convenience. This machine maximizes comfort and safety with non-slip foam handles and pedal loops to prevent slipping. 

Next up is the Marcy NS-605043 Turbine Rower, coming in at a middle-high range. The adjustable pedals and 8 resistance settings allow for easy workout customization while also being foldable. 

On to the Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine which uses water as its mode of resistance, which can maximize your workout intensity the faster you row. This model also includes the familiar fluff accessories except the foldable feature. 

Finally, the Marcy NS-6023RW Water Rowing Machine. This model is the most expensive, similarly using water for an intense workout and several workout programs to give you that extra  push. 

Before going into each model in detail, let’s talk about some pros and cons of the brand.



Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine Review

The Marcy NS-40503RW is the least expensive of the Marcy Rowers in this review. Retailing for $259.99, this base model is a simple, no-fuss machine that can easily fit in any home-gym. 

The Marcy NS-40503RW is a steel-aluminium rower with a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs. With its 8 magnetic resistance settings, the machine is nearly silent, allowing for a high-intensity workout without disturbing anyone at home. Additionally, the pedals feature adjustable straps and rotation, avoiding any slips and ensuring your comfort.

You can easily track your progress with its LCD monitor, which offers time, number of strokes, total count and calories burned options, allowing you to get the most out of your workout. The monitor also features scan through options to track your stats. 

After you’ve beat your personal best, the 74″L x 20″W x 33″H, 66lbs frame becomes more compact, as you can fold, wheel out and easily store your machine anywhere at home. With a reasonable price and simplicity, the Marcy NS-40503RW can become a staple in your home-gym. 

Pros & Cons



Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine Review

The Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine is another budget Marcy Rower with a sleek, foldable design. It offers the familiar features and a few more for a tiny price jump.

The Marcy NS-6002RE uses a magnetic resistance system. With 8 levels of resistance adjusted by a tension knob, it is easy to kick it up a notch and increase intensity. Its sturdy steel-aluminum foundation also allows for a weight capacity of 300lbs. 

For added convenience, this model includes a bottle holder for easy-to-reach hydration and a tablet holder. So, you can probably catch up on your favourite show while also hitting your workout goals. The included LCD monitor helps track these goals by recording the same measurements as the NS-40503RW.

To get the most from your workout, comfortability is crucial. This model’s seat is double foam padded and includes foam handles, allowing you to focus on your workout pain-free.

At 74.5”L x 20”W x 32″H, is only slightly larger but can be easily folded and stored away. With the price at $299.99, the Marcy NS-6002RE is an affordable option and can be relied on for a fun and productive workout. 



Marcy NS-6050RE Turbine Rower Review

The Marcy NS-6050RE Turbine Rower is a middle-high range model featuring a hybrid resistance system, using both air and magnetic resistance. This added feature makes for a more intense workout, adding a more “natural” feel

With a hybrid system, the turbine simulates the feeling of rowing in water while also adding resistance with the magnetic feature. It is also very quiet for an air rower, so there’s no need to worry about disturbing anyone at home. 

To help reach your fitness goals, the included LCD screen monitors time, speed, distance, calories burned and rows per minute (RPM) and are all simultaneously shown on screen. This feature makes it easy to see how much farther you need to go to reach your goals. Along with a contoured seat, this model is extremely comfortable. 

The Marcy NS-6050RE is a bit bigger than the other Marcy Rowers, measuring at 85″L x 20″W x 34.5″H but is also a foldable design, similar to its counterparts. Once you’re done, just tuck it away or leave it in a safe, designated area.

The Marcy NS-6050RE Turbine Rower comes in at $599.99



Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine

The Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine is a great machine for people who want to up their workout intensity. This mid-line model offers the same features as the others in this review, with the added option to amp it up with its water resistance system. 

This model utilizes a water resistance system, allowing for limitless intensity. Your workout can easily level up with its resistance options and easily filled tank. With your determination, you can have a dynamic workout. The faster you row, the more resistance you get. 

This Marcy Rower also has an LCD monitor as the rest of the models do. It includes similar features as the other machines with the added option to measure your pulse rate. The computer also includes two workout modes: manual and race mode. 

In manual mode, you can choose a goal setting for time, distance, RPM, calories burned and pulse rate. The race setting is a free-for-all as you’re put up against the computer itself. After crossing the finish line, you can put the machine in recovery mode but that requires having a chest strap or armband heart monitor that isn’t included with the machine. 

At 78.75″L x 22″W x 42.25″H, this machine is about the same size as the others but can only be stored vertically as it is not foldable. For $499.99, the Marcy NS-6070RW is perfect for those wanting a higher intensity workout. 



Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rowing Machine Review 

The included LCD monitor on this rower includes the same features as the other Marcy rowers, plus 5 preset workout programs with different workout modes, so you can stay motivated and challenged during your workout. 

For a HIIT workout, you can choose the target interval option and if you’re up for a challenge, compete with the computer in race mode, similar to the NS-6070RW. Whether you’re looking for a quick cardio session or a full body crusher, you can easily customize your workout with these programs. 

For a long, stress-free workout, the steel-based seat is molded for comfortability and is mounted on a slightly inclined rail, giving you a chance for a better leg workout. 

Measuring at 77” L x 19” W  x 36” H, the NS-6023RW is a similar size to the other models but is slightly heavier at 95lbs, which might be harder to store. It can also be stored vertically but is not foldable. At $749.99, this rower gives you the bang for your buck with its intense workout programs. 



Which Marcy Rowing Machine is the Best?

Most Affordable: The Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine

This model offers all of the Marcy Rowers features without too much fuss. With its resistance settings and LCD monitor, it allows for a great, simple workout for those just starting out.

Most Expensive: The Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rowing Machine

The NS-6023RW has the added workout programs and a water resistant system, making this model a bit more expensive than the rest. It does live up to its value and is a great machine for those who can afford it.

Best Value: The Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine

Our favourite model is the NS-6070RW for its easily adjustable intensity and workout programs. Priced at $499.99, it sails just between the others and offers a great workout experience for beginners and pros.

Are Marcy Rowing Machines Worth it?

Best Marcy Rowing Machines Review

The Marcy Rowers brand is a reliable and trusted company within the home fitness world. They live up to their founders’ original promise of accessible exercise equipment while maintaining reasonable prices. Customers rave about the user friendly, high quality machines which only add to their value. 

For beginners who want to get a gym quality workout but are nervous to be around gym goers, Marcy’s machines are a good and affordable option to have in the comfort of your own home. Experienced people can also benefit from Marcy Rowers as they offer higher end equipment for reasonable prices. You never pay too much or too little for what you get.

Our Conclusion

Overall, Marcy is a reliable brand that delivers modestly priced, high quality home exercise equipment. In comparison to other competitors, Marcy is one of the most budget friendly brands. Each machine performs well and receives positive feedback.

It is important to note that the maximum capacity for these machines does not exceed 300lbs, so it is not accessible for all body types. The machines also do not come assembled. Luckily, assembly instructions are easy to follow. Lastly, if you’re ordering directly from the website, they do not offer international shipping.

What is a rowing machine?

Best Marcy Rowing Machines Review

A rowing machine is an exercise machine that is meant to imitate the workout one would get when rowing a boat. The rowing machine is known for targeting many muscle groups as well as a training regimen for athletes. 

People use rowing machines for cardio, toning and building muscles and to increase their stamina. They can also be used for practice before actual rowing events. They incorporate the whole body, which is key in its popularity. 

There are four main types of resistance for rowing machines. Water and air resistance offer a more natural row, mimicking the feeling of rowing water. Magnetic resistance is known for its smooth row and silent operation. Hydraulic rowing machines are quiet as well, using air or fluid in a chamber. 

How to use a rowing machine

Best Marcy Rowing Machines Review

Before using a rowing machine, make sure that you don’t exceed the stated weight limit. There are three main points of contact on the machine that need to be properly used in order to get the most from your workout. 

The workout charts give you instructions on how to sit down and strap-in for your workout. Make sure to pull the straps tight around your feet to avoid any stress injuries. 

  1. Bend your knees to grab your “oar” with fully extended arms and relaxed shoulders
  2. Push through with your legs. Once they’re straight, lean back and pull the handle to your belly
  3. Reverse and repeat 

Can you lose belly fat by using a rowing machine? 

Best Marcy Rowing Machines Review

Any fitness expert will tell you that it is impossible to target specific areas of the body. However, using a rowing machine is a full body workout that incorporates strength and cardio training, making it possible to lose fat everywhere. 

Any exercise that increases your heart rate will help you burn more calories and shed fat all over. If you want to target fat loss, it is important to amp up the intensity of your workout while staying consistent.

Is rowing better for you than running?

Rowing and running are pretty similar, both delivering the calorie burn but rowing activates more muscle groups than running does. Specifically, rowing activates about 85% of your muscles

Running is very accessible — you don’t really need a machine to run outside — but it does not offer the same full body workout that rowing machines are known for. With a more intense rowing workout, it’s possible to burn even more calories after you’ve finished. 

Is there a Marcy Rowing Machine discount?

Marcy periodically does promotions and contests. You can also sign up for a newsletter for updates on their latest sales. They are partnered with Groupon and can come at a discount at other different retailers including Walmart and Amazon.

Where can I purchase Marcy Rowers?

Best Marcy Rowing Machines Review

Marcy Rowers are available on their website in the USA and are also partnered with several retailers, including: 

How to contact Marcy?

If you have anymore questions about Marcy or Marcy Rowers beyond this review, here is some contact information: