Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine Review

by Gary Patterson | Last Updated: May 16, 2021

About Marcy Rowing Machines

Marcy is a well-known name in the home fitness game. Their range of products extends to home gyms, fitness accessories, and cardio machines, along with play equipment to encourage children’s movement. 

The brand’s line equipment provides a selection of simple to more advanced features, some including small LED displays, while others come with high-tech HD monitors. This Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine Review is going to help you determine if this product is the right fit for your needs.

Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine Review

Before we get started, you should know that Marcy is all about helping people get and stay in shape regardless of their fitness level. The brand’s range of at-home fitness equipment is fairly priced and attainable for many budgets. 

Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine Review

The Marcy Water Rower Machine NS-6070RW is more advanced than the average rowing machine, boasting comfortable features, and multiple workout modes. The brand carries 5 different rowers, and the Marcy Water Rower Machine NS-6070RW is one of their lower-priced options, with a sleek, supportive construction. 

Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine Review

This Marcy Water Rower Machine NS-6070RW review will take a close look at the rower, its quality, features, and will assess its value in comparison to other rowers, to help you decide if the Marcy Water Rower Machine NS-6070RW is worth the buy. 

This Marcy Water Rower Machine NS-6070RW will now move on to the rower’s pros and cons before moving on to its technical specs. 



Technical Specifications

The Marcy Water Rower Machine NS-6070RW is a simple and well-built rower that has some advanced details. This section of the Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine review will give you a brief overview of the machine, starting with its general features: 

We’ll now focus in on what makes this machine tick, namely, its resistance, monitor, and features:

Resistance Type

The Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine uses water-resistance to give users a steady, real-life rowing feel. After all, rowing is done on the water. Water resistance gives the effects of actually rowing, something that many users love about this type of resistance. 

Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine Review

People who use rowing machines to train for their real-life rowing events find these models particularly useful. Water-resistance means that as you pull a propeller spins in the water wheel, creating tension. As you can imagine, this can get quite noisy, especially if you’re working out in a small apartment with your significant other trying to work in the same room. 

This is about the only real downside of water rowing machines, along with the fact they are usually more expensive and larger than some other rowers. When compared to magnetic rowers that use magnets to create tension, we can see that magnetic rowers are much quieter and are smaller in size. 

Magnetic rowers also have a wider range of resistance options than can be set, but the Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine does offer 6 levels of resistance that can be set to keep you performing at a certain level. We’ve read that users are impressed by the resistance provided by this machine 


The Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine costs $600, a very reasonable price that clocks in at below average for other similar models on the market. Normally, rowers of this caliber cost between $500-$1000, so the Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine is a pretty good deal. 

Ordering your rowing machine from is straightforward, once on the product page, add to cart, and checkout as normal. You can pay by using any major credit card or through PayPal. 

Shipping & Assembly

Your Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine will be shipped via a freight service. It takes between 1-3 days for your order to leave Marcy’s warehouse. Once picked up by the shipper, your machine will be delivered in about 6-10 business days, but may take up to 14 business days. 

When the freight service picks up your order, they’ll take it to their warehouse and arrange a delivery date. Once a date is decided (between Monday-Friday), the freight service will be there during the said delivery window and you must be there to sign for your order. If you aren’t there to sign, you’ll be charged a fee as they’ll need to come back another day. 

Freight drivers do not help you unpack or carry your order into your house. They simply drop it at the curb and you’ll need to do the rest. Be sure to have a friend there to help you. When the delivery service drops off your order, inspect it to make sure there are no damages to it before signing. Once you sign, any damages from shipping or incorrect orders are your responsibility to organize a return for. 

There are a total of 90 different parts for this Rower, mostly screws, washers, and bolts. Because there are so many parts, remember to bring your patience, or ask a friend who’s put together a machine or two in their day. 

Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine Review

The Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine is a straightforward machine to put together, but it can become overwhelming if you’re new to assembling things. All of the tools required to put your rower together come with the machine, including a siphon to add the water into the tank. 

We’ve come across a few reviews that have said this rower doesn’t take too long to assemble, although they did not give a specific length of time for reference. 


Once your Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine is put together and ready for action, be sure you’ve popped in the two AA batteries and filled the water tank. Then, all you need to do is hop on and start rowing. 

The monitor will automatically kick in when you pull the handle. The only stat that may not be accurate is the calories burned. Because you do not have the option to input your weight and height, the amount displayed may be higher or lower than the actual amount of calories you burned. 

With that said, you do have the heart rate monitor to help give a more accurate depiction of the number of calories you torched – but you will need to buy the attachment. There is no other setup required. 

Design and Features

The Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine covers all the bases: Sturdy steel monorail, check. Durable handle and footrests, check. Ergonomic seat, check. In this section of the Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine review, we’ll go over exactly what makes this machine unique and why customers love it. 

Build Quality

The monorail is made from steel, as well as the base of the seat. Because of this, the Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine can accommodate a higher-than-average weight capacity.  

The machine itself weighs 43kg – or about 95lbs. Moving it would seem like a feat if it weren’t for its handy little wheels. To move this machine, you just need to tip it on its wheels and pull or push it to the desired area. 


Let’s talk about comfort. When using any machine, especially if you’re going to be using it for long periods, you want to be comfortable. When focused on crushing your goals and getting PRs, you don’t want to be constantly shifting in your seat or readjusting your grip. 

The Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine has a textured, non-slip handle that keeps hands in place even when you’re sweating buckets. The ergonomic, molded seat provides grip too, keeping you in place and supporting your lower back as you vigorously row. 

Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine Review

This machine’s textured footrests and adjustable straps ensure your feet stay in place as you push and pull. Users found the Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine to be comfortable during long workouts thanks to its seat. One user that has an artificial hip reported no pain or issues when using it. 


Thanks to the monorail, this rower holds a higher than average amount of weight – 300 lbs. It’s common for rowing machines to hold just 250 lbs, but this one goes the distance, accommodating a wider range of body types. This means that the machine is suitable for both underweight and overweight men and women, depending on their height. 

We have come across reviews that state water resistance rowers are less accommodating for taller folks. The NS-6070RW’s monorail measures 40 inches, enough room to fit someone who is 6’2”. 


The Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine’s display has everything you need to get a great workout. The functions are a few steps up from the most basic rower, and the display monitor is a decent size that is easy to read – in a lighted room. Because the display is not backlit, it’s a little tough to see your stats in the dark. 

Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine Review

There are six buttons on this LED monitor:

  1. Recovery
  2. Reset
  3. Start/Stop
  4. Enter
  5. Up
  6. Down

On your monitor’s screen, you’ll see the time, total strokes, distance, calories burned, pulse, watts, and alarm. When used in free mode (simply rowing) this machine is super easy to understand. But when you begin to access other modes it can get a little tricky so be sure to read the manual. 

Though this monitor won’t play your favorite workout videos, it does have three modes:

  1. Manual
    1. Program your goals, such as time, distance, or number of strokes. The monitor will let you know when you’ve reached your goal
    2. Free Mode – just start rowing and watch your stats build
  2. Race – Race against the clock to get to a certain distance
  3. Recovery – Wear a heart rate chest strap and connect to the monitor. Press recovery and the clock will count for 60 seconds


There is no membership required for your Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine. Your workouts are completely up to you, but you can check out some free online videos on YouTube and position your iPad or tablet close by. 


Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine Review

The Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine cannot be folded, but it can be stored. All you need to do is tip the rower upright (water reservoir side down) and its wheels will be revealed. Users have said they haven’t had any issues with this way of storage, the water reservoir does not leak. 

The machine, when tipped upright measures 22″Lx42.25″Wx78.75″H. That’s about 2.25 feet by 3.5 feet by 6.5 feet – so it’s still relatively large, but you can prop it up against a wall in your den or bedroom if you need the extra floor space. 

The machine (with water in it) weighs about 95 lbs, so this may be a tad much for the average Joe. But, once you tip the rower, you can wheel it to its new location easily. While many can do this on their own, some may find it difficult to carry and pull the weight, especially if it’s over carpet. The brand recommends having another person around to help you move it. 


The Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine comes with a 2-Year Limited Warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty does not cover damage caused by:

To start a warranty claim, create a ticket online. This Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine must note that you will be responsible for the return shipping costs. 

Marcy will only repair or replace your machine, they will not give you a refund for your rower, unless you return it within 30 days – in which they will give you a full refund minus a 15% restocking fee. Refunded products must be in original condition without damage. Exchanges are only valid for products that arrived damaged

Final Thoughts

The Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine is an impressive machine that at first glance seems basic but is actually a lot more advanced than its image lets on. When compared to other similar rowers of other brands, this one is more affordable and has better features, such as an ergonomic seat and a capacity of 300lbs

The Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine is for the user who wants a great workout, doesn’t need jazzy features, but still requires a little extra to help them track and motivate them in their workouts. 


Where can I purchase the Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower?

The great thing about Marcy equipment is that it’s a popular brand that is available in quite a few stores. You can always buy your Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine directly from the brand’s website, but you can also find it at:

Is there a Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine discount?

There currently aren’t any discount codes available on, but the brand does offer free shipping and sales throughout the year on certain holidays. 

Does the Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower fold?

The Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine doesn’t fold, but you can tip it upright and lay it against a wall for easy storage. 

Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine?

The answer to that question is completely up to you. It depends on how hard you work and if you’re making other positive changes in your lifestyle along with exercise. A healthy diet combined with a regular exercise routine has been said to help decrease weight. With decreased weight comes decreased belly fat. 

As for the question of, ‘does rowing specifically decrease fat on your belly?’ Some fitness professionals say that you cannot spot-train. This means that just because you strengthen your abs does not mean the fat around them disappears. That fat goes away with overall weight loss. With weight loss, your abs will be more apparent. 

Is rowing better for you than running?

Rowing gives you a full-body workout…Running doesn’t do much for your upper body. Rowing is soft on joints…Running is brutal on joints. To some, this seems like a no-brainer, but running does have its health benefits and runners usually report a “runner’s high.” 

You can get a rush of endorphins no matter what form of exercise you do, especially if it’s enjoyable. Some would say that rowing is more enjoyable than running, simply because it does not put as much stress on the body. 

How to contact Marcy?

We hope this Marcy NS-6070RW Water Rower Machine review was able to answer all of your questions about the NS-6070RW Water Rower, but if you have any more, feel free to reach out to the brand using the following methods:

Email: [email protected]