Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine Review

by Gary Patterson | Last Updated: May 22, 2021

About Marcy Pro Rowing Machines

Marcy is a fitness equipment brand specializing in machines for weight lifting and rowing. Its best-selling products are built for home gyms rather than commercial use, including workout benches, barbells, squat racks, and all manner of serious equipment. In a strange twist, they also sell children’s playground equipment, like teeter totters and domes.

But don’t be fooled: home gym workout equipment is Marcy’s domain, and they have a large catalog of robust equipment that, while it may not look pretty or have a fancy San Francisco marketing team design, works incredibly well and lasts a long time. Assembly is required, so prepare yourself for an hour or more tinkering with Allen keys.

The equipment, whether it be a rower or stacked weight machine, is what you find in an ordinary gym–but in this case, you can have it in your home for a (comparatively) low price. Everything in their catalog is designed for men and women: anyone who wants to get fit.

This Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine review will take an in-depth look at the product’s features, quality and value to help you decide if this product is worth the buy. Compared to other rowers, its price and design are good, yet it lacks features that some customers would miss.

Marcy NS-6002RE Rowing Machine Review

Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine Review

The Marcy NS-6002RE rower fits into the product line up as a popular full-body workout machine. It’s available in limited supply and has everything you need to get fit. Rowers are an increasingly popular home workout option, and Marcy’s long-lasting and affordable NS-6002RE is one reason why.



Technical Specifications

The Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine Rower is a barebones full-body workout machine. It has a robust steel frame with normal dimensions of 74.5 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 32 inches high, and folded dimensions of 71 inches long, 18.5 inches wide, and 53 inches high. Wheels on one end make it easy to lift and roll around your house, while a water bottle holder is available for your workout beverage.

The basic material is solid steel, but the handles have a textured grip that prevents hands from slipping and encourages proper rowing form. Likewise, the pedals where your feet rest are large, providing a stable base of support for your entire body during the workout.

In front, you will find a digital display with basic information on the amount of calories burned, elapsed time, and number of rows. It doesn’t have an internet connection or videos, meaning you will have to look up tutorials separately, if necessary. The seat is cushioned with foams and slides along the machine as your row. Right above it, you find the resistance knob, which is used to change the effective weight you pull against while rowing.

This rower comes with a 2-year warranty which will replace or repair your machine if it malfunctions in a way where you or the delivery company were not at fault.

Resistance Type

This Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine review found that the rower uses magnetic resistance. This means that you must set a high level of resistance to tighten and build muscles, but you should build up to that level through a warm up. Additionally, the magnetic function means the machine will generate less noise than other resistance types.

Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine Review

You can change the magnetic resistance at any time by adjusting the tension knob, which is front and center on the rower, directly in front of the seat. Higher resistance means it will require more energy to row, but also that you will build and train muscles optimally across your entire body. Ideally, your peak resistance setting is achieved after a warm up and before a cool down.


This Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine review is very pleased to say that this rower has an exceptionally low price of $299.99. The price and solid steel build quality makes it an easy purchase for anyone who wants to get into rowing, whether as a hobby or a serious workout activity (it can be both!)

Compared to other rowers on the market, the Marcy NS-6002RE stands out as highly affordable–in some cases 5x less, or more, than its competition.

Ordering this Marcy rower is dead simple. All you have to do is go to its page on the Marcy website, add it to your cart, fill out the usual information, and confirm. The machine is limited to customers in the continental US, though, and there is no payment installation option to pay for the machine over, say, four months. Like the rower itself, the ordering process is simple and works as expected, albeit lacking extra features.

Shipping & Assembly

Marcy only ships within the continental US, excluding military bases. Prospective customers in US Territories, Alaska, Hawaii and international countries are out of luck, for the time being. Additionally, their products quickly sell out and often are in limited stock.

The Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine shipping policy includes free shipping, which is an excellent bonus for potential buyers. Usually shipping information gives delivery times up to a certain number of days, but in this case, Marcy says that the Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine rower may take longer than 14 business days to arrive at your door.

However, you will be happy to know that the delivery company (separate from Marcy) will call you when the order is ready to be scheduled for delivery, so it will not come as a surprise. We also have the firm assurance that orders are picked up by the delivery/trucking company within 2 to 4 business days (meaning your tracking number will be delayed by about 3 days).

All you need to assemble this rower is an Allen key and an Allen wrench, both provided by Marcy in your order. But while the tools are simple, Marcy still strongly recommends that at least two people assemble the rowing machine.

Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine Review

The full assembly instructions are too detailed and long for this Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine review to list. Overall, it is a tedious and lengthy process which includes dozens of individual parts. But, while this is annoying to customers accustomed to Ikea-tier assemblies, Marcy’s instructions are clearly written and succinct, including multiple diagrams along the way for you to examine.


This Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine review found no significant setup steps. After assembly is complete, insert two AAA batteries into the digital display. Then the whole machine should be ready to use.

The digital display that you see while using the machine starts automatically when you begin and stop automatically when you stop. You can use the RESET, SET, and MODE buttons on the display to track your workout metrics, such as calorie consumption, number of rows, and elapsed time. But these functions work the same way, whether it’s your first row or your 150th. For better or for worse, the display does not connect to wifi or require a login.

Use the pair of wheels on the bottom of the rower to move it around, and, if possible, have someone help you to avoid injury. Wherever you put the rower, it should be indoors (as per Marcy’s specific instructions) and 24 inches from any wall or major object, such as furniture, in order to work optimally.

Design and Features

The Marcy NS-6002RE rower is built for a good price and functions perfectly well as a simple rowing machine. Simply put, it is affordable but lacks extra features that some might call gimmicks and others consider highly desirable. It is comfortable and robust, with a cushioned seat, and is appropriate for anyone 300lbs or under.

Build Quality

Surprisingly, the total weight of this rower is not provided by Marcy for public viewing. Judging by reviews and overall experiences with the machine, as well as its weight capacity and the fact that it must be freighted and then assembled, we can reasonably assume it is a robust machine with no issues regarding its durability.

Additionally, Marcy went out of their way to make it easy to move. Two wheels attached at one end of the rower allow the solid steel frame to be lifted and held up on one side, then rolled over the ground. This whole process is made even easier by the fact that the machine can be folded down into a more compact size, which distributes the weight in a way that makes it easier to manage.

This Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine review must also pass on the information from the brand that you may want to move the machine with two people, to prevent any potential accident, as it is a large piece of workout equipment.


Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine Review

This rower is utilitarian and successful and enabling at functional workout. It is not focused on comfort beyond a basic minimum standard. For example, the pedals used to plant your feet and support your body while rowing are larger than one might expect. The goal of the overly large design is to enable your foot a wide support area and prevent it from slipping. It also comes with a bottle or cup holder.

Other than the large pedals, the biggest comfort feature this Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine review found is the cushioned seat. Naturally, this is where you will spend your time on the machine and feel most persistently. Not only is the seat itself cushioned with foam for great comfort, but the handles next to it are too, for easy gripping.


This Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine review found that this rower is suitable for anyone, men and women, who weighs 300lbs or less (the rower’s maximum weight capacity).

Marcy does not provide any other limitations, and, as the rower is adjustable, there is nothing stopping people of different sizes from using the same machine. The only possible exception, aside from the 300lb weight limit, is incredibly long legs, for which the rower’s seat may not be able to adjust far enough to accomodate.


Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine Review

This Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine review found the display to be as barebones as you could expect in 2021. It does not connect to wifi or have user login capability. It automatically activates when you begin your workout and automatically stops when you stop. The display takes two AAA batteries, which endure about three months of consistent activity.

The display has the following three buttons:

1. MODE: select between Time, Row Count, and Calories Burned options

2. SET: create workout goals based on Time, Row Count, and Calories Burned

3. RESET: clear the Time, Row Count, and Calories Burned metrics


This Marcy rower does not require a membership or offer one as an option. It is a high-functional rower without any bells and whistles that cause other rowers to cost thousands of dollars. For that reason, this Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine review recommends this product to people who don’t care for or require games, an internet connection, or complicated software to motivate them through a workout.


Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine Review

Once put together, this rower has L x W x H dimensions of 74.5 inches x 20 inches x 32 inches. Folded, the dimensions become 71 inches x 18.5 inches x 53 inches. You can store it wherever you want, so long as it is indoors and you remember Marcy’s recommendation of having 24 inches of space around the rower when it is in use. Marcy also recommends having someone help you move it, because, while the rower has wheels, it is still heavy.

Keep your rower away from moisture or water, as it can, over time, cause the frame to rust and ruin the rower’s aesthetic. Only clean it with a lightly wet cloth or normal detergents, and never with solvents.

Overall, this Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine review finds the rower to be easy to transport: you fold the rower, lift it at one end, then roll it on its wheels. It is a robust piece of equipment that should be stored in a dry environment, and that’s about all you need to know.


At the website, you can use their Product Registration Register your product to activate your 2-year warranty! However, this Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine review found that the warranty only applies to the customer who bought the rower–something you will want to impart to any second-hand buyers.

Also key to know is that the warranty, if acted upon, will result in replacement or repair, not any kind of payment to the customer. If you wish to return your rower, you must first contact customer service and receive pre-authorization. Then you have to pay for freight shipping.

Additionally, you absolutely must know that the rower’s warranty does not cover damage that occurred during delivery or transit, nor damage caused by “abuse, misuse, improper abnormal usage”, among other details. This Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine review finds the limitations quite expansive and, as such, entirely up the Marcy’s interpretation.

Final Thoughts

This Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine review finds it a well-made machine with few bells and whistles (exciting additional features, to some) and a very reasonable price point, in comparison to its competitors.

If you are looking for a statement piece, smoothly quiet rower, this one is not for you. But if all you want is a machine that tracks your very basic workout information (calories burned, number of rows, and time tracking per session) then look no further. This Marcy rower has everything that you need for a serious full-body workout, and nothing more.

One headache, however, is the assembly process, which might be daunting for some customers. But, as you struggle through it, keep in mind that, with other brands, you pay much more to have someone do it for you (which also significantly lengthens the delivery time).


Where can I purchase the Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rower?

At this time, the Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rower can be purchased on the official Marcy website,, and on Amazon.

Is there a Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rower discount?

Marcy fitness products are selling out fast, and there is currently no discount on their NS-600RE rower. It is in limited supply and comes with free shipping.

Does the Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rower fold?

Yes, this Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine review found that the rower folds into a more compact, easily-moved size. As long as you assembled the rower correctly and feel confident in moving it yourself, there should be no issues with storage or transportation.

Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine?

Absolutely! Rowing is a full-body workout that targets nearly 90% of the muscles in your body. It is a killer ab workout that you will definitely feel the next morning.

Is rowing better for you than running?

After much research, this Marcy NS-6002RE Foldable Regenerating Rowing Machine review found that rowing is considerably better for you than running. The primary reason is that it puts less strain on your joints compared to, for example, running on a sidewalk, asphalt, or a treadmill. But even more than that, rowing provides a gruelling full-body workout, which running simply does not.

How to contact Marcy?

If you need to get in touch with Marcy, you can sign up for their website and use their support portal to submit a ticket. One of their customer support team members will get back to you ASAP, but the process does require a sign up. Another option is to email them at [email protected], or to call them at 1-800-999-8899.