Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rowing Machine Rower Review

by Gary Patterson | Last Updated: June 2, 2021

Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rowing Machine Rower

If you’ve been in the market to purchase a piece of fitness equipment before, odds are you’ve heard of MarcyPro. MarcyPro is a subsidiary of the renowned fitness company, IMPEX, which has been a leader in the fitness industry since 1982. 

Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rowing Machine Rower Review

Ready to find out more? This Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rowing Machine Rower review will take an in-depth look at the product’s features, quality, and value, to help you decide if this water rower is worth the buy.

Responsible for creating and distributing fitness products for fitness equipment companies all over the world, you’ll find IMPEX products in most major sporting goods retailers. After nearly 40 years, IMPEX is still considered an industry leader and includes such brands as MARCY, APEX, STEELBODY, HERS, BIONIC BODY, and COMPETITOR. 

MarcyPro carries a variety of strength, cardio, and home gym fitness products, including home gym racks, workout benches, exercise bikes, rowing machines, and treadmills. This fitness brand also carries a selection of kids playgrounds like teeter-totters and space domes, if you want to grab something to entertain your kids while you’re powering through your workout session.

Amongst MarcyPro’s impressive selection of products is the Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rowing Machine. While you’ve most definitely seen a power rower in your local gym, this water rower “delivers the intensity of a lake rowing workout to your home gym”. At $750, the Marcy NS-6023RW uses water as a form of resistance, replicating the smooth and natural feeling of rowing on water. 

Water rowers have become increasingly popular for several reasons, including the fact that they’re great for aerobic workouts, they work your upper and lower body, and they have proven weight loss results. Plus, the sound of rowing water is just plain good for the soul.

We’ve broken down the pros and cons in this Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rowing Machine review, so you can immediately get a better idea of if this product is for you.



Technical Specifications

Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rowing Machine Rower Review

Let’s quickly break down the technical specifications in this Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rowing Machine review. The Marcy NS-6023RW has an assembled weight of 95 lbs and a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. This weight capacity is somewhat limiting, and may not cater to those who are looking to lose a substantial amount of weight. Its dimensions are 77” x 19” x 36” when fully assembled.

The material of the Marcy NS-6023RW is plastic and alloy steel, with a firm handle and an ergonomic, high-density foam seat. The included LCD monitor can be used to keep track of a variety of stats, including your time, calories, and strokes. Plus, it also includes the essential pulse monitor in order to help you keep track of your heart rate.

The Marcy NS-6023RW has a water/fluid resistance type, which is preferred by many due to its quieter, smoother action. The warranty on this product is limited and covers two years from your purchase date. 

Resistance Type

Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rowing Machine Rower Review

The Marcy NS-6023RW is a water rower, which is one of the newer innovations in rowing machine technology. Water rowers work by using a water flywheel (paddles) in a tank of water, which is connected to a chain and handles. When the user pulls the handles, it creates a natural resistance by creating a drag against the paddles. 

One of the main benefits of using a water rower over an air, magnetic, or hydraulic rower is the relaxing sound of the “whoosh” of water in the tank as they power through their workout. Reminding users of the sound they would hear if they were actually rowing on the water, a water rower will bring you back to nature, while still operating at a quiet pace. The good news is, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of cons when it comes to water rowers, besides the fact that they can be bulkier than more traditional rowers, and are more expensive on average.

The Marcy NS-6023RW does not offer resistance settings, as they will naturally increase the harder and faster you row. You’ll experience a smooth, consistent resistance through every stroke, which can be likened to the resistance you’d experience paddling through the water. The noise level of this type of machine will not go above the sound of the whooshing water racing through the tank.


The price of the Marcy NS-6023RW is $750, which is more than reasonable as far as water rowing machines go. Our Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rowing Machine review found that the Marcy NS-6023RW is in the middle as far as the price range goes for this type of product. However, paying the extra couple hundred dollars for a machine of this quality seems to be worth it. 

What should be noted is the fact that some water rowers at a similar price point offer adjustable resistance levels, while the Marcy NS-6023RW does not. Otherwise, this water rowing machine appears to be of excellent value compared to other rowing machines on the market.

The order process found in this Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rowing Machine review is incredibly straightforward. MarcyPro accepts all major credit cards, as well as PayPal and PayPal’s Pay Later. It can be purchased directly off of MarcyPro’s website, as well as through

Shipping & Assembly

While this is not made explicitly clear on Marcy’s website, it appears that the Marcy NS-6023RW is shipped via freight/trucking, as this product would most likely fall in the “large item” category. In this case, your water rower will take 7 business days to leave the warehouse, at which time you will receive a tracking number via email. Orders that ship via freight may take over 14 business days to deliver. Your shipping will be free regardless of the extra expense of delivering via freight, which is pretty great. You will be contacted at the phone number you provided as the delivery date approaches in order to schedule a drop-off date.

While the assembly for this product doesn’t seem terribly complicated, one customer on Amazon reported the process as taking “four or five hours” to complete, with others assembling it in 30 minutes to an hour. The Marcy NS-6023RW manual states that you will need a crossing wrench and an Allen wrench to put together this machine (both provided by the manufacturer), and that it is “strongly recommended that two or more people assemble this machine to avoid possible injury.” You will receive a hardware pack, along with detailed instructions on how to assemble your water rower.


Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rowing Machine Rower Review

Once your product is assembled, you will need to fill the water tank according to the specific instructions provided in your NS-6023RW manual in order for your new water rower to work. You will also need to adjust the pedal strap according to your foot size, and insert two AA batteries in your LED display computer. The LED display does not need access to WiFi in order to function, nor do you need to set up an account. It should also be noted that the NS-6023RW manual also states that you need to inspect and tighten all parts of the machine each time you use it, and to replace any worn parts immediately.

Design and Features

Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rowing Machine Rower Review

Overall, this product has been reported as being very well built, with one customer review on the MarcyPro website stating that the Marcy NS-6023RW is “very high quality, craftsmanship is very good – study, reliable.” This water rower is also built for comfort with its ergonomic high-density foam seat, and its sturdy textured-looped pedals. While the Marcy NS-6023RW may be sturdy and reliable, its weight capacity does not exceed 300 lbs., which is one of the only downfalls that can be seen in this product.

Build Quality

Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rowing Machine Rower Review

The Marcy NS-6023RW is made out of alloy steel and plastic and is noted as being high quality and sturdy, especially for the price. At an assembled weight of 95 lbs., it can be moved relatively easily. This product does include transport wheels, which allows it to be easily moved by lifting the rear support until the transport wheels touch the ground, allowing you to easily wheel your water rower to your desired location. If you’re looking to save space, you can also store your rower vertically.


Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rowing Machine Rower Review

The Marcy NS-6023RW is designed to be used for hours on end, and luckily, customers have had no problems doing so with its comfortable, ergonomic seat, and its large, textured-looped pedals. One Amazon customer review noted that “the seat is very comfortable. Unlike some other rowers, this one is elevated enough off the ground that sitting down and getting up requires no effort.” The Marcy NS-6023RW contains a firm handle, which provides an excellent grip to make sure it doesn’t slip during use and cause a potential injury.


While the Marcy NS-6023RW does not place any limitations on height, it does place limitations on weight, with the weight capacity being only 300 lbs. While this works fine for the average weight of both men and women in the U.S., it is not a machine for those who fit above this weight category and are looking to lose weight. This product is best suited for both men and women of an average weight, looking to tone up.

Customer reviews have mainly come from men in the range of 5’9” – 6’4”, of an average to slightly above average weight range. There have been no reported issues due to height or weight.


Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rowing Machine Rower Review

The Marcy NS-6023RW comes with a simple, sleek, black LCD display, which gives you several options for displaying data. The LCD gives you the option to track your time, average 500-meter time, strokes per minute, current strokes, total strokes, and distance. It also allows you to view your calories burned, your heart rate during training, as well as the current drag force and current watt. It also displays the average function of the value of time, calories, watt, and pulse. 

Although the Marcy NS-6023RW uses water to adjust the resistance, it does offer a quick start, standard, target single, target intervals, custom, and race mode, as well as a recovery mode for winding down.


MarcyPro does not offer a membership for their workout products.


While the Marcy NS-6023RW is designed to be easily moved, it does have an assembled weight of 95 lbs, which some customers find too heavy to be moving around on a regular basis. It can be moved to its desired location using its built-in transport wheels by lifting the rear support until the transport wheels touch the ground. You can then easily wheel your water rower to your desired location. Transporting your water rower should not take more than one person.

Due to the fact it can be stored vertically or horizontally, this does give you a little more leeway in terms of where you can store your water rower. However, with its length of 77” (not too far off the length of an average couch), you likely won’t be able to store the Marcy NS-6023RW inside a closet or behind a door. 


In addition to Marcy Pro’s 30-day return policy, the Marcy NS-6023RW does come with a limited warranty from IMPEX. This warranty covers a period of two years, and “warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and material, under normal use and service conditions.”

What doesn’t the limited warranty cover? Quite a lot, actually. You are not eligible for coverage under your limited warranty if your product has suffered damage due to freight damage, or abuse, misuse, improper or abnormal usage, or repairs by the owner. Plus, the freight cost for products returned to IMPEX must be prepaid by the customer.

The question is if you do fall under the circumstances to be approved for a limited warranty, will you receive a refund? While you will not receive your money back, it is IMPEX’s option to either send you a replacement or to repair your machine. 

Final Thoughts

Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rowing Machine Rower Review

What’s the final verdict for this Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rowing Machine review? Overall, this water rower is great value for money and comes from a highly trusted fitness equipment brand. While it is true that water rowers are the only type that requires you to adjust the resistance by way of adding or taking water out of the tank, this doesn’t appear to be a problem for its users, even with its slightly higher price point compared to other types of rowers.

While this product seems to be sturdy and reliable for the most part, you may run into problems if you are looking for a part replacement or to cash in on your limited warranty. Despite the fact that IMPEX guarantees that their products will be free from defects in workmanship and material within the first two years, you’ll still have to pay for shipping to replace your machine if it breaks down before then.


Where can I purchase the Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rower?

The Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rower can be purchased via the MarcyPro website, as well as Amazon.

Is there a Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rower discount?

There are currently no Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rower sales or promotions available.

Does the Marcy NS-6023RW Indoor Water Rower fold?

While this product does not fold, it can be easily moved using its built-in transport wheels. You can then lift the Marcy NS-6023RW and store it vertically or horizontally.

Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine?

While rowing is a full-body workout, it does not specifically target your belly fat or abdominal muscles. Having said that, any one exercise alone will not reduce the fat in your midsection. Rowers will work to elevate your heart rate, helping you to shed fat all over your body.

Is rowing better for you than running?

It’s true that running will burn slightly more calories than rowing. However, you will activate more muscle groups with rowing than you will running, allowing you to tone up all over.

How to contact Marcy?

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